Robby Valentine "Only Your Love"

As promised. Another ultra rare ballad. I hope you all enjoy it heart wings heart wings heart wings

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Music...It nearly calmed me down!![the Magic Infinity]thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
cheers handshake beer
Glad to hear it Parti head banger Being calm is important burger laugh
I played 2xlove love wink thumbs up

I just knew you would like Marlene love smitten heart wings heart wings
wink thumbs up
Yes I like itlove wink
add one song pleaselove love teddybear
I'll add another good one tomorrow blushing I have a lot of good songs in my previous blogs. I'm glad you like them hug kiss heart wings
Music... Find an old Stan Freeburge at the piano for a comedy change sometime will you, he was Brilliant in his day !!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Or Winnifred Attwill!!rolling on the floor laughing
I'll check them out Parti. Thanks. I'll have to do it tomorrow. Bed time here yawn drinking
@parti, wave
I found I love this one

banana cheering
music,gnite wave heart wings
Marlene..She is Good isn't She ???
teddybear bouquet kiss
Yes partiwink thumbs up

I love it...and its only a piano but sounds good.I found some video of it...I guess the old music good very simple but sounds good.wink thumbs up thanks for reminding old music.Listening sometimes old music is not bad.It helps us to remembered those generations.hug cheers
nice tune Musicman, enjoyed it, head banger
nice tune Musicman, enjoyed it, head banger
Nice song! Are u really a musician?wave
Hi Weeping wave I'm glad you liked it cheers
Hi Lazly wave
Actually, yes. I am a musician. Piano is my main discipline. I also like to shred on the guitar. Ozzy Osbourne is my favorite. I like all genres of music, but as a teenager in the 80's there was no escape from Heavy Metal laugh Power Ballads will always be my favorite songs. Love and passion love smitten heart wings That's what it's all about grin I hope you liked the sond. Whoever engineered it gets a thumbs up in my book. heart wings heart wings
Hey Parti, I listened to some Stan Freburg. "Yellow Rose of Texas" was good. He's pretty funny. "AAAAhhhhhhhh! That's my Rebel Yell." laugh rolling on the floor laughing The South just may rise again laugh
Wow that is a fine tune and the words it has real feeling to them.
I am a fan for sure.
I'm glad you liked it Josing wave heart wings
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