Lynx "Eyes of Love"

What an amazing ballad head banger and rare of course guitar I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do cool

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Lynx..he reminded me of another, early singer, just cant think at the moment..But thumbs up thumbs up
Don'y think too hard parti laugh Whenever I have this song playing in my apartment, I have to remember to turn it down. The singer has such passion he really lets it out blues It's a sad song, but it rules head banger Anyway, time for bed where I am yawn
Good night all heart wings
wave wave sleep sleep sleep sleep <<< Music Zapping Zeeees !!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Sad song but nice songwink
I like thislove hug wink thumbs up
Beautiful song! i like applause
cheers good song bro smitten
wave music Jaime ça,, thumbs up
I remember this tune,,, it tugs the heart strings crying
I'm glad you liked it Marlene. Thanks heart wings heart wings
@Lazly I'm glad you liked it. What an awesome forgotten gem huh..........
I'm glad you liked it Citra love love
I know what you mean Dream. It does pull at the heart strings. The song is a plea for her to stay, or let him know she loved him in return. I think we can all relate.........unfortunately blues
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