Touris "We'll Meet Again Someday"

What an amazing ballad. Iv'e made several CD's of songs like these. Long live 80'Power Ballads heart wings heart wings heart wings heart wings

I really need to start a band blues
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wave Music,, J aime ça,, daydreamHurry up and start that band,, I wonder if you will tour hmmm
come guitar in my bartender waiter drink pouring buddies
Thanks Dream. The kind of songs I post would be the kind I write. The reason for the blues is you know about my Agoraphobia blues I even went to college to learn Audi Recording, but if I can't travel how can I start a band. The neighbors tell me they love it when I play my piano, but without the ability to travel? crying It, like you name suggests, a 'dream' of mine. heart wings heart wings
hmmm Then make the cd,, or confused you could perform via video link from the security of your home hug
Thanks for the advice Dream teddybear I sit at the piano or guitar, and just stare at the keys. I guess I lack motivation right now. My roommate will come in and say "Play 'Keep on Loving You' by REO Speedwagon." Of course, I do, but..........I will get my motivation back at some point. It's just a matter of time. Right now I am in a black hole and time just is irrelevant to me for now anyway.
yawn Bed time. By the way, I'm glad you liked the song. Beautiful isn't it?
yes,, it is beautifull,,, beaux reve Music,, hug
That's a nice song grin thumbs up grin
Musicman...I saw a clip this aftenoon of... The Atlantics...Bombora..They are all in their 60's now and they are Excelent, they Rival the Shadows in my opinion!! See if you can find it it is on YouTube..Thanks!!handshake
I like this kind of song..wink thumbs up
I guess you and me compatible when it comes to music
conversing conversing blushing blushing blushing

or maybe because of my age I love this kind of music
sad sad sad Yes I love 80`s musicwink

flirty flirty flirty grin

thank youwave hug
@ Musicman99 wave thumbs up Hi, ever thought of creating your own virtual music studio at home? Tons of stuff out there like; Looplabs, Mixcraft 5, FL Studio, Cakewalk etc.
I have got Cakewalk, though I must be honest and say I haven't really used it - but a friend of mine uses it to its fullest. He becomes a virtual one man band! handshake beer
I'm glad you like it Zweet heart wings heart wings
@ Citra heart wings bouquet angel laugh
Hi Parti wave I listened to the Atlantics Bombora song guitar tip hat and all I could think about was Clint Eastwood riding off into the sunset laugh They're a good band though thumbs up
Hi Marlene wave I'm glad you liked it blushing
I bet we would have similar tastes in music because it's our generation of music. Remember Tiffany? "I think we're alone now....." I loved her version of that song heart wings heart wings
Hi Elmor wave
Yeah. I know all about that stuff. I went to a technical college to learn audio recording. I learned all mediums from analogue 1/4 " two-track to 2" 24-track to digital, Adat's DASH, and hard disk recording. I have a decent sounding interface, and software and get together with my former teacher interestingly enough and we do some recording occasionally. In order to start up a band though, it is difficult to find the right people with the same passion for the craft. Like Touris for example. They only had this one album, but you can hear how passionate they were, and their musical goals were the same. Some bands are a disaster in that area laugh I won't name anybody pointing laugh It sounds, to me, like you have a good midi setup guitar violin dancing
Tiffany..Yeah I remembered that... wink thumbs up cheers
To quote Jani Lane, "The memories come rushing in....." RIP Jani we love you crying
This song is so well done heart wings

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