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Hurray My friend is Back

applause applause

Yeeees Thank you for coming back hurraaaayyyyy

no comments allowed so I comment this way

come on every one say Hai to Namaron please!

yay yay

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No Comment!laugh
Hi wave
glad to welcome you back my friend Nam... teddybear teddybear
hi bung wave
Welcome back Major!
Zeurich you asked me a question. I tried to answer in your eamail but it was blocked.
So I will put it in here.

Zeurich I know that the Dutch can be very rude.
When in Canada learning English I made many mistakes.
No one ever laughed at me no matter how bad my mistake was.
They showed such respect for my trying..........

I am sorry to say that if someone would ask a Dutch person what do you call this? Let say he points to a chair, he may get as answer we call it peper.
They have no respect for others learning because to them languages are so common.
Many know several of them at least some of it.

Stubborn is another reason. They don't like something different,
Instead of accepting it they "fight" it.
Carry a piece of paper with you with your name clearly on it.
Insist to be called your right name and not what They would like it to be.
sorry BC I forget all the time I have blocked all the areas.. the very good people like scammers only can contact me laugh laugh I have send you a request... heart wings
Okay Zeurich

In the meantime your mission in life right now is too send pronto all my requested goodies. (By plane)

rolling on the floor laughing

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