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I found your nose...

Once a girl friend so tricky and suspicious about what her boy friend doing on his laptop,

so she went in to the lap top and search what ever he does but nothing suspicious found,

so she shut down the lap top,

When boy friend was home she was very nicely treated boy friend, they cook together eat together,,

at night boy friend smells something burning but this girl reading the book, He asked "do you smell something?" she said "No"

then boy friend "aha I forgot I found your nose inside of my laptop"

Then girl friend remember that she did not log out before she close laptop wine wine

So guys if you put your nose don't forget it there yay

Comments (6)

Very funny Z, rolling on the floor laughing

Hope you are having a happy happy day!!!!hug teddybear hug
Theresa4tgl funny. Hope all is well!
Hi ladies oh yes everything is going very well. It is school holidays this week we backed a cake and ate together grin grin I realize that I am growing weightyay
Hi Zeu
Reminds me of Nosy Rosy. Must download the song some time.
hug wave
Thank god I am single. I keep my nose to myself and it is not burning!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Beautiful pic Usha, teddybear teddybear
Cat time for a new photo

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