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I am laughing out of every where!!!

laugh laugh laugh

Hi guys I am laughing out of every where.

I got mails full from woman with asking who is the woman with you?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Look like those are for my man not for megrin grin oh what a world dancing

Have a good week every one hope all are in good health.

love ya all!!!!

teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (20)

well like me she probably did not reconise you due to the weight that you have put on since your last pic was on here so you see gal those cup cakes are not good or you especially your health which is very important any way good luck
Zeu..wave ...well, he is good-looking....what do you laugh
Why would you be on a singles site if you have a man? Plenty of other blog sites catering to non-singles. Just seems disrespectful to me.
Cap..frustrated ...boring Blogs like these Blogs, anywhere.....cheering
wave Heyyyy! Zeu.
well at least they're not asking

who's the man with youlaugh
Hi Z! Have a great day there!grin

You go girl!yay
Rich yay and no worries, I get that message too, and I don't have anyone else in my pic confused

rolling on the floor laughing
Butter!.. . . . . .rolling on the floor laughing
laugh Butter.
You do not have a picture. Remember?....
Pep yay no pic, CS took them all away, I can even post one anymore confused as I mentioned, ugly as fuk, but at least they could of just said that, rather than disable my pics blues but tats okay, this way, no one knows who I am rolling on the floor laughing

laugh Butter!... Lol

Butter, I have never heard of someone photo get blocked before. You're the first!.......rolling on the floor laughing
Pep I know right blues
My weight should not be a problem for you Edison. Life is short. And I eat all. Because there is no way to eat after I die. Good luck to you too.
exactly Calypso I think you are right. grin grin
Capnemo give me comment something interesting man. laugh laugh
Disrespectful If I am hanging a profile as I am looking no I am not. Yes dear blog sites are there but those are full with people like youlaugh laugh laugh
Hi angel,,,hug hug hug

Hi bung no exactly you see I am fingers crossed and waiting grin grin
every one thank you for the lovely comments. I am out to eat cupcakes to make edison madlaugh laugh laugh
You go Zeurich! You deserve those cupcakes and it is your choice what you do or don't do. What should it matter to him?

laugh I couldn't believe that comment. I'm glad you were free to see its humor and treat it as such.

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