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I am only me,,,,val 53!

And I can't change, I don't know how.I think I'm too honest and sensitive,,,,like my very dear friend told me yesterday, I put myself on the line with my feelings for all to see, in my blogs and my comments on other blogs, but I always speak from my heart, maybe its a bad thing here in cyber world, but hey I can't change. I'm just me, Val 53!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, One thing I can say, I'm not lonely anymore, coz I have family and friends here on Cs. I have amazing friends here whom I just love to bits, and I know they care about me too. To one of my friends I can say, I have no regrets, and from now on I'm gona ride high. In not changing for nobody, I don't know how, coz I'm only me Val 53!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and now I'm taking a long walk, see you all later, oh and the commas,,,well that's on purpose!!!!

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You go girl! Have a cupcake Val53!! grin
Val, you don't need to change... We love you just as you are hug bouquet

Mimi's cupcakes are scrummy yay
Hi Mimi, oh yeah I'm gonna ride lifes journey untill the end,,,maybe ill just have one cupcake thanx, but I must also study my figure.banana
Dear Val, to be honest How you talk how you say things is the mirror to your inner beauty. There is one thing my father always says " the words comes from some one's heart is much beautiful and better than the words comes from tummy" . The meaning is what comes from tummy is burp and it is always ugly and irritating others.But the sad truth is there are people who talk from tummies. I think you get the point now. There is no value of a figure or how some one look like as far they don't know how to talk or react to some one with a respect. So you don't need to change a single bit for no one. hug teddybear comfort
Wallops, thanx my friend, but how do I keep all the unsavoury youngsters at bay? In my profile I state no mail, especially youngsters but I get so many request from them, that its actually sickening!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Oh thank you Zeu, for your beautiful words, it is much appreciated!dancing dog dancing dog
you are welcome dear!hug forget it come for an apple pie valwine
Oh I just did, its my favourite hmmm I love it, thanx Zeu!banana banana
It's my favourite too!! grin
Mimi, I just love this picture of you, and hope you keep it on for a while!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Oh! You do Val? Thank you! It was taken when I was waiting for a dear friend in her car, while she was at the bank running some errands! I covered my 'triple-chin' with my fat hand! grin It's better to show my chubby hand than the triple-chin, no?? giggle giggle giggle
Welcome to the clan Val! I get loads of request from the younger end but just delete the message.That guy the other night in your blog had sent me a friendship request and email. I simply don't reply. On the occasion I did at the beginning how of politeness they would just kept coming back

Just you be you... You are beautiful hug teddybear hug
Mimi, don't short change yourself, I think you look beautifull.yay yay applause
Wallops, I think he set up camp in my profile, I also just delete all, but still feel bad about it.,,,, thanx for saying I'm beautiful, but then that's only your opinion.dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Yes I am drooling for cup cake now do not change for anyone or you would not be Val 53 would yougrin peace hug
Thanks Val, you're too kind... hug teddybear
We are what we are that is the beauty of being one-slef
We love you just the way you are....peace peace
wave Morning to me, my val. Im glad that you are you. Anywho! You know what im fin to do. Again! . . . . yay Yes yes yeah!
Val... why should we hide our feelings? I think feelings are very good to have and to show. I see no reason to hide who you are because you are on a Internet page... I am me and I am proud to be me I tell myself and I too show my feelings in comments and blogs. I think it is a good way to be, it shows us you are a real person and thank you for that. Just be you and I can tell you I am very proud to know you, my friend. Thank you.yay teddybear hug
Welcome to my blog Redex, yes this is just who I am Val 53, and I'm proud to me me!yay banana yay
Thank you King Fly, it means a lot coming from you!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Ah Angel, what wil I do without you my friend, you have shown me over and over again just how much you care. Thank you!crazy dancing dog
Welela, I know my friend and I thank you,,,,but this dear friend of mine, is just looking out for me and he thinks I might get hurt if I expose my feelings here, and I love him for showing he cares,,,,but I'm a big girl and won't fall for the scammers out there. Oh and its so good to know there's someone watching out for me! Thank you so much!!!yay banana banana banana
Val53 you girl ROCK, your AWESOME, your KIND, your SWEET, your FUNNY, and you DRINK BEER WITH ME yay YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE teddybear

Thanx Butter, glad you think so. Just a pity not all think like you do,,,,,have another beer my friend!beer cheers
Val, it is in our honesty of who we are that makes this world worth living. What else are we going to write in not the personal signature of our existence? Why would I write about anyone else? Even my children I wouldn't dare touch their lives as long as I haven't nothing to do with what they have done.

So yes, I am with you and look at me,..there is nothing for me to hide and I am here being judged or not, I am comfortable with sharing all my weakness and strength, my failures and success, my being silly and inane, my mistakes and uptakes. You know?

So thanks Val for this share. I am so into myself right now, you know?

Take care..
Linsy, you know how I feel. I can never pretend who I'm not, so why do some people get upset just because we want to be ourselves, rolling on the floor laughing I am proud of who I am, and I won't let anyone disturb my inner peace again,,,,I thank you for your comment! dancing dog dancing dog
Val, nice to see you! heart wings conversing wave
Thanx Call, nice to welcome you here!yay yay banana
Anytime Val. Truth is that there are people who'd love to talk about you when you're not there and in jubilation as to the effect of our flaws and imperfections.

But so it is, let them be happy and excited as it takes people like you and me to stir it off their boring life.

Anyways, sore to them is our being so transparent..and then have the guts to dish us out..

I am comfortable with sharing about me Val even if it means being so torn with people's lack of love and sympathy..But life goes and so we are to be who we are regardless..

Thanks Val.
Hi Val,
Spoken from the heart!
hug wave

And now you have me really in suspense about the commas.rolling on the floor laughing
Ah Cat, yes always I speak from my heart, I think it makes life so easy,,,,if you honest with yourself and others aswell.yes the commas, some people don't like it, and pass rude remarks about it on other blogs,,,,,so I thought let's give it to them today. They don't need to read the blogs if they don't like it so why waste energy on passing rude remarks!!!dancing dog dancing dog :dancing_d hope you doing well Cat!!!
Hi Val,
there is only one you and an original is always better than a copy! Continue to be you and be the best you always!hug
Hi Bajanshay, yes there's only one me, and I'm so proud to be me,,,thank you for your comment!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I tried to copy and paste but it would not let me so I will just write it.
Whatever you do out there, always be a Lady! Break a few rules, live and learn, but never sacrifice your standards. So, your different to others, That is a great thing! Be unique, be YOU, be awesome :)
Val you are an awesome person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. applause applause heart beating It is a pleasure to know you.
wave Hello val53, I read afew of your comments on the blogs, sounds like you got it together, thanks for being youyay yay yay
Val 53, we all love you just the way you are. Why do you have to be someone or something that someone else wants you to be? I could digest few extra commas from real Val, than not so real words from a fake Val. hug
Wildchild, you know me better than any one here on Cs. You know I will go out of my way to be there for my friends, and I'm always true to my words. There will always be those who push me away and refuse my friendship or help, but it takes all kinds to make the world, but I make make new friends daily and always appreciate them and I always try to see the good in them. So my friend I'm happy that you've joined me here on the blogs, and thank you for your friendship!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
1to1to1, I don't think we've met but thank you for your comment, its much appreciated.yay rolling on the floor laughing yay
Dear dear Usha, I don't think you can say a bad thing about anybody, you're just that type of girl, and I love you,,,,,,thank you for always saying I'm beautiful,,,,I think its the inner beauty shining out my friend. yay dancing banana

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