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A very big thank you to all my friends!

Today I can see just how many wonderful friends I have here on CS. I would like to convey a most heartfelt THANK YOU to you all, for showing me just how much you care. To the Morons out there, who thinks I'm a scammer,,,,I don't hate you, and do you know why? Because I'm just me Val 53, a beautiful silly woman with a heart full of love, and I can't change I don't know how. If you perhaps think that I'm leaving then let me set the record straight,,,,THE VALLEY GIRL IS HERE TO StAY. So suck it up, because you might just be the scammer yourself,,, Thank you once again to all my wonderful friends,,,,I love you all!!!!!!!

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Thank you Val, it is so good to know you want to stay with us, I love you too, take care sweetie.yay teddybear hug
Thank you val i hope iam a good cs friend too greetingshandshake
Thanx Welela, yes I appreciate your friendship!yay
Thank you Nighty, I know we have been good friends in the past,,,,so I didn't know where I stand with you now,,,,but am glad that I'm still your friend, thank you!!!rolling on the floor laughing yay
Why wud anyone think you are a scammer?dunno confused
My respect of val. Unfortunately today it is difficult to find loyal friends. But I think, the main thing that in soul was desire to be the best friend.

The friendship happens everyone,
It is a lot of at friendship of persons,
Different and identical,
As in skies of birds...

The friendship happens eternal,
To it years aren't terrible!
The friendship happens counter,
Where only one advantage...

The friendship happens strong,
As "Don't pour water! ".
The friendship happens strong,
High, as wall...

The friendship happens tart,
With bitterness and a chill...
The friendship happens impudent,
With laughter and a spark...

The friendship happens loud,
As if raskatny thunder...
The friendship happens modest,
Ordinary-looking from all directions...

The friendship is simple, as truth...
You want to shout – shout!
The friendship shall be sincere...
You want to be silent – be silent!

The friendship shall be fast...
Only tell – I will come!
The friendship shall be correct...
Trust – I won't make!

In friendship there is no jealousy place –
Only one love!
It looks younger with age,
It blood doesn't grow old!
World and wellbeing and loyal friends to you
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Hi Val. I like the fact that you are staying. I certainly want to be your friend!hug
I have a saying that you may like, not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.
I am under the impression that Muhammad Ali stated these words.
I don't know the beginning nor the end of this accusation Val. All I know is real Val53 is real and I am proud she made the right decision as an adult, not to run away but stay. teddybear
Luke, apparenly here was a well known scammer on cs with the same name but different number. However some people still think I am her, Catfoot lined it out so nicely in his blog yesterday, but was forced to call it off because someone else also came to my rescue. The link is still on his present blog if you care to read,,,thanx
Thank you so much Ummka, its a beautiful verse and much appreciated!applause applause
Gentlejim, its an honor to have you as a friend,,,thanx so much!yay yay
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reunion Val you are back welcome my friend! Honestly I wonder why there is no day like "World Morons Day" Or competition like World dumbest moron. Another king of morons I am sure from another kingdom.

Sorry I was bit late to catch your blog as the first commenter I went for my rabies jabs again another 14 days. teddybear teddybear teddybear
Very true words Simmo, thank you!applause applause
Dear Usha, maybe its good that you don't know, but all I can say,,,it was too painful for words, and then to see all my friends come to my rescue, boy oh boy I think a waterpipe just burst then and I couldn't stop it! Thank you Usha dancing dog
My dear dear Zeu, thank you my friend! Beautiful word, I like and thank you for staying with me last night. I had many shoulders to cry on up till 2am this morning.dancing dog dancing dog
"Its esaier to stay..than to turn around and run"..
Yes mr Nam it is easier, and you all made it so easy for me. I hope to stay for a long time still,,,,,with all your help of course!!!applause applause
Val....hug so glad you are staying and being just yourself because we wouldn't want you to be anything or anyone else. We love you lovely lady heart wings
I have tried to personally message you a couple of times but it won't let me.. moping

Have a FABBY Saturday...doing HaPPy things yay dancing boogie reunion very happy
Hi Val
I'm glad the whole thing is now sorted out. There can be no misunderstanding any more. Anything else now will be straight maliciousness.
hug wave
laugh Val53;
I can tell you, " How you can change".....rolling on the floor laughing
And I'm just me too!

Mean As A Green Machine!
Hi Val, you wanna share a cupcake with me?!?!? hug teddybear bouquet
Hi Wallops, I knew you were out there cheering me on. I thank you for that my friend,,,,,I will try to message you a bit later ok!applause applause
Cat, a very huge thank you to you my friend. Its an honor to know you sir, and hope we can meet sometime for coffee and a chat. dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
My dear Angel, you have proven to me over and over what a true friend you are. You are always there in my good and bad days, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, there's a saying,,,,,When days are dark, friends are few. Angel I can honestly say you are 1 in a million!lips heart beating
Hi mimi, yes my dear friend let's eat cupcakes. I think we all deserve a treat now, thank you for your friendship!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Mimi, did I hear you right? confused
Something about a CuPCAKE!!!! What about our little conversation???? conversing
Oh well, if you have had one I had better not leave you alone in now I feel FORCED into having one too. uh oh What flavours are we enjoying today? yay

Love to hear from you Val teddybear
Val, don't worry about your friends here! hug bouquet
Call, I know I don't need to worry about my friends, its the morrons I worry about!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Nah!..moping
thank for comment

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