Moody Smokers

I have a few smoking friends and they always come across as moodier than my non smoking friends. When they've had a smoke they cheer up but if you catch them when they're due a smoke that are quite impossible and obnoxious.

I think the smokers will disagree with this but it would still be interesting to hear what you all think.


Would it be worth packing up if it might save a relationship?

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Hi Rain. I agree with you!thumbs up

If you´re sitting with a smoker having an interesting conversation, after a while you can sense their impatience and they become figgity as they need their fix.laugh

As for packing it up for someone they love?laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Mind, some might...? But I´ve found that the majority have good intentions but never come round to doing it - even to save their relationship.frustrated

I have met quite a few interesting people here on CS who happen to be smokers and who have put on their profile that they are in the process of giving it up.
However, 2 years later, they haven´t changed the wordings of their profile, and neither have they given up smoking!sigh
How often you hear them say..." I need a fag"
So many other things could be factors for moods....

a couple people I knew were taking drugs... when I discovered that.. found that to be the reason

another person was on heavy medication

and others are just... at time of life... menopause~!

of course there are other reasons also... lack of sleep, etc.
My dad gave up when he died of lung cancer...
Of course there many other reasons for "mood swings" but Rain is talking here about smokers vs non-smokers.

I happen to know a couple of men who are non-smokers and are bipolar. Without medication the´re always having mood swings.
Nicotine is a drug..anyone who needs a fix is moody , prior to the next fix
But we are so utterly adorable just after the fix ... laugh

I don't think smokers CAN be in relationships with non-smokers, not now that smokers are thrust outside behind the garbage cans to pursue their filthy habit. My ex and I managed because he liked to drink at parties and he was happy enough to have me as permanent designated driver. I only ever smoked in one room of the house (never under any circs in the bedroom) and the only time we really squabbled was in the car on a hot day, when he wanted the aircon on and I wanted the window down.

The last time we got together, just over a year ago, at a wedding, I kept trotting out to smoke and he came too because there were some rather nice male smokers he didn't approve of. That's not sustainable. I would hate to be with a non-smoker, even if he said he didn't mind. The world is pretty hostile now to puffers.

Your original question - yes we get tetchy if held back from a smoke for too long. But good for you for staying friends with such horrible people.
Hi Rain
I have a love/hate relationship with smoking. I will be off it for a year or two (once for five years), just to start smoking again for a few months. As it stands now, I have been clean since mid March. Moody? I have never been known to be moody but I do have a problem during the first three weeks after stopping. I have lost count of how many times I have stopped and started again. I think the mood swings depend very much on the person.
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Who said horrible people?

But since you brought it up then imagine how terribly sweet you'd be all the time if you were to give up.

Unless of course you happen to be menopausal, on medication etc etc.

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smoking talk to hand snooty
Thats true. For me i understand them but i want them far from a close relationship. My ex could wake up to smoke after our love making. It really annoyed me coz i was expecting to cuddle and sleep. Especially in winter he had to open the bacony, pliz smokers do something.....
It certainly has an effect on the non smoker for sure!
I quite in 2009.

My main worry when I thought about quitting was that I'd be

irritable all the time, and drive everyone out of my life.
I am a smoker and enjoy being so. Several years ago I was smoking around 30 per day which I felt was excessive so over the following months I stopped smoking in the car and when I was away from the house. At work I went outside to smoke. I now smoke around 10 per day.

Most of my Girlfriends have been non smokers, my smoking was never an issue in the relationship.
Of course you like smoking as you're trapped but you'd like it more if you free but I guess you'll never know? Sadly smoking has always been an issue if in a relationship.

I have some horrific memories of intensive care when my mum was there for liver cancer.

sad flower

Are you happy as a non smoker?

Kissing anyone thats smokes makes me ...barf ...without being to women I met smoked 20plus a day..and when we when got intimate, even her lady garden tasted of nicotine..hence to say never saw her again after that..

Too much information. How did you get that far when you clearly weren't going too continue the relationship?

very mad
Your right....don't ask

That's just not fair. The best bit is the cuddle afterwards.

Happier than I was a smoker Rain, yes.

I think there's different types of smokers, and different types of addictions to nicotine. In my case I've some ADHD tendencies, and I'm pretty sure I was using nicotine as a sedative. Any type of stimulation, positive or negative triggered intense cravings.

I'm less irritable as a non-smoker than I was a smoker, the opposite of what I had feared before quitting, but I'm still probably more easily annoyed/frustrated than most people.

Thanks for sharing that. I know a similar person who I'm sure would be so much nicer if they didn't smoke.

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