Oh happy day

The 70`s pornstar lookalike -Dedovix the magnificent- strikes again
After years spent on forums and blogs,someone has checked out my profile -hubba-hubba, things are getting hot in here ,,,its a matter of a year or two before I finally get my firs email...

drinks on me cool

Comments (20)

drinking drinking waiting waiting cheers grin
Good luck
It looks like you never expected it
Ffs Dedo, if I knew that is all it took to make you happy, I'd have checked it out tooroll eyes

I thought you needed more to make you happy though uh oh

Sorry Mr.Dedovix, I clicked on you by mistake, I´m afraid I wont be writing sexy messages to you
I just saw it, incognito, as most of us do.
Dont forget to wait about a month to look at hers.
I mean you dont want to seem needy and desperate laugh beer
Non, he never said it was a 'she' uh oh

Smoker, I've just clicked on your profile. tongue
Imagine only how needy and desperate I am.
Well done Ded, I know how you feel, Ive only had 16000 profiles views since I joined.grin
I'm not saying another word until my solicitor arrives innocent
Did you enjoy my long winded paragraphs. wink

But anyhow You wont take Dedo's crown that easy scold

But nice try laugh
...just shut up, will you! tongue
Dedo.. I know the feelin brah.. thumbs up

I was just thinking about the 70's. Back in those days, women had massive 70's bushes and so no wonder they all had sickness and diseases 24/7
Pat, are you thinking something in the lines of Dutch Elm Disease?
okay...at least no one ordered any expensive drinks ...uh oh
Dedo #whaddupWednesday wave lips My first CS crush-you inched out Particolor's pornstyle rolling on the floor laughing
Congratulations, Dedo, I hope you two will be very happy smitten
wink you got me hooked on Conspiracy Porn-you were quite the foil in the day.tinfoil hat flirty
cheers @Red good to see you're back in the fold.wave ( our fab '70s Centerfold/CS party gal) grin

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