Hear it is! The Real Scoop of the century.

No alternative facts just the Truth the way you need to hear it. Its not pretty but it is news and News is what you want News of.
Now! This just in from the
"NOT FAKE NEWS" News desk!

Willy in first. Then Zipper wow

Comments (24)

roll eyes Amen!
Angel peeps laugh
Click subscribe and watch for the bell as more stories come in hug bouquet
head banger 10-4, Copy That! Over.
In a rush were ya????
Hey Angel .
You know, Right wink
I was Dee. laugh

What about when he wants to come out to play? writing
This is a "Willy in" News story Molly.
Click subscribe and be the first to know when the "Willy out" is out laugh
One of my sources even hints at a "willy in willy out willy in willy out" Story wink
Non, I have taken out the gold-level subscription, just to be sure dancing

Sorry but theres no Bruce Lee-ing your way out of that one.

wow wow
That gets you a back desk pass.
Where you can help make the stories. grin
I'm a great author wink
You're right,
Best to just cry through such things. crying

Then look back and laugh laugh
No Fake news Molly.
Only the Facts wink
Non, I am not in the business of fake news innocent
There appears to be a lot of nonsense on this blogprofessor
Zip it, BN.
Eat my shorts Molly
I didn't think you wore any
No fake nonsense here,
Its the real deal laugh

Whats the longest you held a position with a former co-anker professor
Non.. you're giving the peeps what they want to hear.. I'm not really into news but I'll subscribe to your channel for sure.. its just good sense.. professor
"PLAY NOW: Matchsticks"(meet us in the games)

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