Melania Trump's parents naturalised as American citizens

So many questions surround how Melania Trump's parents received US green cards, as President rails against 'chain migration and now they`ve just became in American Citizens.
How easy was for them to become in American Citizens while some Latinos families are separated 'Put in cages' or 'taken care of': How separated immigrant children are ....
If they were Mexicans, would they be able to get green cards and then naturalized as American citizens?

Comments (2)

Easier to keep them safe from all the sickos who have never excepted Clintons electoral loss . Since when have Mexicans ever cared about getting a green card ?
1st of all thanks for your comment, I know many of Donald`s fanatic supporters bloggers don`t even try to comment. They don`t know what to write in these cases.
2nd.- We can see that USA law is not the same for everyone. This is what I call "Funnel Law" wide at the top for "privileged people" and narrow at the botton for the common people. That`s why it is almost impossible to get a green card for a Mexican.
Note.- Check your spelling, excepted?accepted handshake
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