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Dio's Secret Public Journal16,203399Mar 2008Jul 2011Apr 11
Any Opinions?63012Oct 2010Oct 2010Feb 26
God & Science Prohibited1,14638Sep 2010Sep 2010Mar 25
Attention Atheist Masters of Science2,34394Aug 2010Sep 2010Mar 31
Emerald Tablets of Thoth1,1893Aug 2010Aug 20108 hrs ago
Perfect Blend2,39462Apr 2008Aug 2009Apr 5
This Thread is an Orgy3,196116Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 6
Metaphors and Similies1,35714Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 6
Letters Post Them Here6,364255Feb 2008Jun 2009Feb 28
I am calling you a Lout60318Jan 2009Feb 2009Mar 1
If you're English...Have you ever seen or heard of Gilligan's Island?69821Jan 2009Feb 2009Apr 4
Pardon me Miss, this thread is way better than that other Guy's1,28343Sep 2008Sep 2008Mar 31
King & Queen of Romance10,499553Jul 2008Sep 2008Apr 10
Plan B Screen Names87728Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 7
Raise your hand if you've ever been the "other" man/woman in a relationship1,50021Aug 2008Aug 2008Mar 8
No straight men allowed in this thread...Lesbians only.1,53252Jun 2008Aug 2008Mar 5
Raise your hand if you've ever cheated on someone3,324146Aug 2008Aug 2008Mar 30
What is the strangest place that I've ever done it?1,76451Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 6
Accepting Applications99630Jul 2008Jul 200823 hrs ago
A Nit Picking Topic2,34069Mar 2008Jul 2008Mar 9
Smooches6358Jun 2008Jul 2008Mar 3
Fuming2,72267Mar 2008May 200821 hrs ago
Grown Man calls Mom because he spilled coffee on his shirt.1,29516May 2008May 2008Mar 31
Mad Libs84121May 2008May 2008Mar 18
Langston Hughes4548Apr 2008May 2008Mar 31
Things that are difficult to say when drunk1,19921Sep 2007Apr 2008Apr 7
Suspicions1,00120Apr 2008Apr 2008Mar 22
P.C. Gynecology90628Feb 2008Mar 2008Feb 25
The Problem with the Divinity of Socks Lost in the Dryer45511Mar 2008Mar 2008Mar 4
diogenes is .....2,34345Jan 2008Feb 20087 hrs ago
Fruitless Discussion1,81750Feb 2008Feb 2008Mar 30
Strokin'!1,09034Feb 2008Feb 2008Apr 7
I Will Do Anything For A Thread96823Dec 2007Feb 2008Apr 12
What is Your Primary Love Language?2,02660Jan 2008Feb 200815 hrs ago
What's Up Your Nose?4804Feb 2008Feb 2008Mar 31
Daring69616Jan 2008Jan 2008Mar 24
Could Bigfoot Exist1,93929Jan 2008Jan 2008Apr 7
Am I right or am I wrong?8342May 2007Jan 2008Mar 15
People who have/haven't aged gracefully.2,88686Jan 2008Jan 2008Apr 12
TWO YEARS91426Jan 2008Jan 2008Mar 29
Yourself71518Jan 2008Jan 2008Feb 25

This is a list of threads created by diogenes.

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