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You're Stuck on a Deserted Island.....1,981109Jul 2009Oct 20096 hrs ago
Unrequited Love...88024Sep 2009Sep 2009Sep 23
Serious Question....2,29986Sep 2009Sep 2009Sep 24
Career choice second time around...76218Sep 2009Sep 2009Sep 16
How many times a week/month??1,46837Sep 2009Sep 2009Sep 26
Seeking Fun lady For Some Mindless Sex....1,46668Sep 2009Sep 2009Sep 18
Unbelievable Kidnapping Story...74121Aug 2009Aug 2009Sep 23
Married and Divorced at the Age of 10......2171Aug 2009Aug 2009Sep 14
CS, Internet Dating,Social Networking, Online Chatting - Good or Bad??1,23936Jul 2009Aug 2009Sep 16
The Slutty Shellfish Croissant Suicide and Coffee Thread..8,770542Mar 2009Aug 200921 hrs ago
THE MOST WONDERFUL BOOBS ON CS13,566519Jun 2009Aug 2009Sep 28
I GOT A CAR.....52918Aug 2009Aug 2009Sep 24
A NEW PILL- A CURE FOR SEX77940Jul 2009Aug 2009Sep 24
Desert Island Poll 2...5684Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 24
Trolley Dolly Jokes...3,2252Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 24
Men are Dinosaurs...64219Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 22
Desert Island Poll 2...73814Jul 2009Jul 200923 hrs ago
You're Stuck on a Deserted Island.....71415Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 23
Dog-day Afternoons....66020Jul 2009Jul 200921 hrs ago
A NEW PILL- A CURE FOR SEX6244Jul 2009Jul 200919 hrs ago
I'm looking for a Sugar Mommy....71325Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 27
Who's Busy!!??1,02037Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 26
CS, Internet Dating,Social Networking, Online Chatting - Good or Bad??95026Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 25
Couples and CS....2,661110Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 25
Couples and CS1,75758Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 22
Men are now officially Not Essential...1,60978Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 23
Dinner, Chat, Sex or Massage??..make your choice....only ONE!!2,145105Jun 2009Jul 2009Sep 27
Personal Discipline...53730Jun 2009Jul 2009Sep 23
Hot Pounding Alien Sex....1,30554Jun 2009Jul 2009Sep 25
Dress Etiquette on Holiday....1,01857Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 8
MOSSIES1,28647Jun 2009Jul 2009Sep 21
Hey!!...this could be that HOT date you're looking for!!!!!!88427Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 27
Hey!!!...This Could Be Your Perfect Date!!!!1,06947Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 22
Alien Brains Growing in a Sewer...89623Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 27
It's Snot Fair....1,54670Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 27
An interview with a dietician...3412Jul 2009Jul 2009Sep 10
Songs for Lovers...1,69657Jun 2009Jun 2009Sep 7
Kissing 10177022Jun 2009Jun 2009Sep 26
Is it Time to Stop Eating Fish??1,14270Jun 2009Jun 2009Sep 27
Discipline...53011Jun 2009Jun 2009Sep 25
SWIMMING!!1,64266Jun 2009Jun 2009Sep 24

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