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Why r u on Cs74551Apr 110 mins ago10 mins ago
Orchids74418 hrs ago2 hrs ago39 mins ago
Bitcoin37425Apr 149 hrs ago6 mins ago
Why do everyone want a rich partner ?95666Apr 1318 hrs ago1 hrs ago
If not ordinary..........18112Apr 1221 hrs ago7 mins ago
Indoctrination1,15478Apr 14Apr 171 hrs ago
The Bedroom, etc53138Apr 12Apr 157 hrs ago
Glorious1,16975Apr 14Apr 153 hrs ago
Alpha Male / Female2,993225Apr 7Apr 134 hrs ago
Is "decent" a requirement ?1,19470Apr 2Apr 135 hrs ago
Picky57136Apr 10Apr 122 hrs ago
Who still work ?45636Apr 11Apr 12Apr 16
Love for the older generation1577Apr 11Apr 1217 hrs ago
That "warm" feeling ?30017Apr 2Apr 1119 hrs ago
Blocking friends r not acceptable1,776152Apr 6Apr 820 hrs ago
Do we live in a dream ?22725Mar 29Apr 7Apr 16
Choices15415Apr 6Apr 6Apr 18
What was/is the best thing u've done in ur life so far ?39626Apr 1Apr 61 hrs ago
Shocked ?17210Apr 5Apr 5Apr 16
Let's have a chat over a cup of coffe / tea ?69870Apr 5Apr 511 hrs ago
Boasting18511Apr 4Apr 45 hrs ago
The Best Country ?32527Mar 25Apr 322 hrs ago
Do u like ur Job ?21420Mar 25Apr 215 hrs ago
My 4 cats and one dog !23026Apr 2Apr 2Apr 17
Mistletoe17317Mar 31Apr 14 hrs ago
How's Easter treating u ?55853Mar 30Apr 1Apr 16
Why oh Why do Jealousy eat u up ?45645Mar 30Apr 17 hrs ago
To who r u special ?85746Feb 21Mar 31Apr 17
Being in love is an incredible feeling !28114Jan 6Mar 3022 hrs ago
Manipulation, has toppled many a household and government !1494Mar 26Mar 298 hrs ago
Is a car required nowadays ?62756Mar 19Mar 283 hrs ago
I have nothing to say !20410Mar 21Mar 289 hrs ago
Tell us all what U do on ur Computer ?41328Jan 16Mar 2721 hrs ago
Perception23320Mar 26Mar 2719 hrs ago
How often have u lifted ur hand to a person or animal ?14511Mar 26Mar 2615 hrs ago
R U being Played ?1,381102Mar 14Mar 2429 mins ago
Break up - Make up18013Mar 23Mar 238 hrs ago
Touch Base984Mar 23Mar 2311 hrs ago
The joys of working full time.41743Mar 22Mar 23Apr 15
Animals25925Mar 22Mar 238 hrs ago
an Enquiring Mind16612Mar 17Mar 23Apr 16
When a man has muscles99875Mar 13Mar 22Apr 17

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