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Have u met the person of ur dreams on Cs ?6631 hrs ago20 mins agojust now
On average how many different partners do u have in say a month ?6014824 hrs ago3 hrs ago2 mins ago
Jealousy in a relationship is caused by lack of trust !50435Jan 173 hrs ago2 hrs ago
if sex is planned, it can be scheduled at anytime or place, with both parties available ?54536Jan 189 hrs ago10 mins ago
What do u think of a psychologist ?85948Jan 420 hrs ago17 mins ago
Do u do relationship hopping ?36021Jan 1020 hrs ago11 mins ago
In ur experience - How often do friends turn into Best Friends ?12113Jan 18Jan 1956 mins ago
Friendship - How often does it turn into malice ?913Jan 18Jan 188 hrs ago
Explain to me why everyone with One brain cell is attacking Donald Trump ?1,33791Jan 15Jan 188 hrs ago
Ego on Wheels 2 - 1/2/3/4 Wheelers Welcome ?41926Jan 10Jan 1821 hrs ago
Tell us all what U do on ur Computer ?26123Jan 16Jan 162 hrs ago
Why is there a Blogs, Forums & Polls - Why cannot they be combined into one ?882Jan 15Jan 1517 hrs ago
Do u care what others expect from u ?58635Jan 13Jan 15Jan 19
It is easy for some to have a high EQ ?50830Jan 12Jan 14Jan 19
Do u love urself - unconditionally - No critique ?53035Jan 13Jan 1414 hrs ago
Have u recieved any Good News lately ?38030Jan 12Jan 14Jan 19
Do not feel uncomfortable to declare ur IQ ?74046Jan 12Jan 1318 hrs ago
Do u like baking made by u or a loved one ?1366Jan 11Jan 123 hrs ago
Jewelery, Artificial Jewelery, Make ur own Jewelery - Whatever u fancy ?1639Jan 10Jan 1221 hrs ago
Have u ever done something totally unforgivable, but u were still forgiven ?1054Jan 11Jan 11Jan 18
LOVE on the Rocks ?40623Jan 7Jan 112 hrs ago
Do Men want to be judged by.......their favourite utensils ?41127Jan 9Jan 1013 hrs ago
U r Right !!!1031Jan 8Jan 93 hrs ago
Is a smile enough ?19216Jan 8Jan 8Jan 16
Does it enhance ur personality by having role models ?30425Dec 30Jan 8Jan 18
R u alwys right26814Jan 4Jan 83 hrs ago
Why r people so Nosy ?86360Jan 6Jan 83 hrs ago
Have u ever been jealous ?76946Jan 7Jan 84 hrs ago
Being in love is an incredible feeling !1385Jan 6Jan 6Jan 18
When u r happy - Do u want to Share it or Not ?13910Jan 6Jan 612 hrs ago
Do u want to get married ?1,08757Dec 28Jan 67 hrs ago
YES to whatever ur dreams foretells ?800Jan 3Jan 3Jan 19
Music - Books - Art - Do u have to choose or like all ?1138Jan 2Jan 220 hrs ago
What do u find most fascinating about the opposite sex ?2,387159Oct 15Jan 25 hrs ago
Most people appear to be still on Leave here by me - The roads r empty ?1529Jan 2Jan 219 hrs ago
Robotics - If not for the simple computer, then no future for Robotics ?17611Jan 1Jan 2Jan 18
Count down to 201825521Dec 31Jan 17 hrs ago
How often have u found the love of ur life and then it isn't ?20615Dec 31Jan 1Jan 19
Do u mind paying for ur date (or) Do u go Dutch ?82459Dec 30Jan 113 hrs ago
If u look back on ur life - Was it Boring / Interesting in ur book ?49732Dec 27Dec 315 hrs ago
How often r u - in Sex ?47423Dec 29Dec 3010 hrs ago
Couch Traveling - What's ur destination - cs ?16410Dec 29Dec 30Jan 18

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