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A Walk, Under The Rainbow

It's been some time. I've spent some time here, under the Rainbow. Seems like a long time. Ha, it has been a long time. My life. Myyyyyy Life.

Been hard, but here I am. I've found a lot of things here, under the Rainbow. Took a look at myself. A long hard look. Man, it's been hard. Looking in the mirror and not likeing what you see. Damn it's been hard. I've met some people here, under the Rainbow. Wow, there are a lot of us.

It's so strange to look up. See the brilliant colors of all of those who fit in. Felt like, even under the rainbow it should be bright, but it wasn't. You know, don't you. Too many of us know. We aren't the colors. We don't fit in. We're here, under the Rainbow. I met so many of you. You made me cry. I heard your words and felt your pain. I cried out to God for all of us, "Damn it, it sucks to be us!" Not a curse, just reality.

I began to learn. It hurt. It hurt so much. I don't know how, I don't know why. Why now? I don't know. But I looked. I looked again at me. I'm not gray as they say. I'm not dull. I don't have those wonderous things for the colors to see. I haven't the beauty or the shine like those, those in the Rainbow. I haven't the drive to ignore all of life and the pain that's been cast at me. Being left out. Left behind. Even when invited, I don't seem to fit in. Not with them, the colors of the Rainbow.

But then I saw. I'm not bad. I'm ok. Maybe I don't sparkle in the sun. Maybe my taste aren't those of the colors, the colors of the Rainbow. Maybe, I was created to be me. Maybe I'm ok. Maybe all I've met down here, under the Rainbow are ok. Maybe our time will come, not to be one of the colors. But just, to be. Be ourelves.

I don't know. I am yet, uncertain at times. But I am finding, I'm not gray. I found out when I looked at you. You aren't gray. But, you ARE. So am I. We are, what we are and that's not bad. Too many have I met here, under the Rainbow. You, you are here with me. Please smile so I may smile and take my hand.

Walk with me, Under the Rainbow.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
The struggle of self acceptance and finding,we aren't alone. We can also accept ourselves for who we are, and, it's ok.

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Thinking back, I see fond memories of a time of growing.
Thankyou for sharing your wise words. Accepting yourself entirely is hard, all of your shadow, all of your light. It is the only way TO the light though,
Thank you CJ, so beautifully stated.
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