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Ive come to this place today

Flew in on a beautiful day

My plane ride here was delved into a book
if not, with clammie hands

As most you may know
I'm never at peace
Till the big bird lands

On earthquake ground
creeping tremors

They lay silent, so the taxi driver said

At night alone down here
sudden movement!
I'll probably freak
and fear

My work of finance brings me here

To ease the minds
of many who fear

My fears do not equal
the pain of those

That live through the sheer
mighty force
That indeed arose

I pray to whom ever?
any god with love!

Now that's a lever

I will give all I can
for my fellowman

See you all soon

Love peace happiness

Sent with a kiss..


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Im in Christchurch for 5 daysto help, through my work, the earthquake scene down here.

Getting ready to put some things together for a hard week tomorrow, but a very rewarding one..

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Comments (15)

thumbs up goodluck to you and takecare wherever you are dear sophia,,nice oneheart wings cheers teddybear handshake
trurorobonline today!
Have a good week! try to keep your feet on the ground!
And the fire engine went Toot! Toot!
Thank you so much Jeddah!
and care I shall give... with a care you bestow upon me..
Thank you always, Rob
Hope my dinner dosen't sway off to a woop woop!!!

No tremors yet!

sophia, good luck in your coming week, I love the line "I pray to whom ever?
any god with love!". May you get as much fulfillment as you bring relief. ;-)
such a good piece of writing sophia..great style..thumbs up
As kindness is its own reward, I'm sure it will be a very fulfilling week for you. Be careful and safe Sophia! Kudos on this poem! wine
Wonderful poem from an amazing woman..thumbs up
Blessings and be safe SS bouquet
sophia...this is why we all must walk gently. have a good week, a safe week, a week where your dinners never slide off the...what? laugh and the god with love won't save need a magic carpet! cheers <-- have one for me!
Thank you all beautiful people,
well at 12.30am I was jolted out of bed, by a 4.7 tremor, oh blimey! (first night) what a feeling when you have no control, mother nature! wow! was very scary first time!

I know I wanted to have my world rocked! but hey mother nature, just not that way!
All good!


hariksna prayers unto the affected souls....Sophia good luck....may the the eternal's will travel with u...
Get a vibe for me, and thanks for caring,
The best poems come from an enlightening or maybe a frightening experience. Thanks for sharing.
nice one friend
I love to fly. And am actually at peace in the sky. Enjoyed your writing.teddybear
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