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The Other Woman

Late at night ..
I keep on remembring your eyes
From the Day we met ..
Till we said Goodbye
No one else .. Can make smile like you ..
I remember when ... you said : I Love you !

Im Living for you
While you're Living ,, for her !
Why in the world Im Loving you !??
I've told you once , no , i Told you twise
Leave ,, before you hurt me so Deep ..
You made me fall for more
As you walked out of the door
Im living for our love
And you're living for , who knows !
You broke my heart and more ..
Cuz nothing kills me more than to watch you go ..
But im not the spare parts ..Im so original
I can never be ,, your other woman !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2011

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Comments (5)

Powerful write dear. Stick to your guns babe. The other woman will probably do him the same kiss
Swan this is a very well written poem, hang in there in time it will get betterteddybear
mcradloffonline today!
Why do men cheat? I think they do it because they can, but they shouldn't. I have a friend who broke his leg over this issue, doubt he will learn his lesson.frustrated chicken
doh oh,my dear swan,,,another heartache for me to read your well written poem...kick them a** girlgrin peace

nice way of releasing the pain we felt,with the help of the paper and pen as our friendhug bouquet

So Sweet and kind of you ..i just wrote this from the heart
and im super glad that you liked it


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