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There is Nothing like your Goodbye

And what if I shade a tear tonight
As the rain is falling down ..
When the memories have no mercy
And our pictures seams so blury ..
How Can I stop me , I have to cry !

It's the same place we first met
Drinking coffee all by myself ..
Thinking ,, Did you mean everything you said !
It's time to close down the shop ..
And im still setting , tears wont stop ..
The Coffe kept so cold
My love wasn't enough to keep you warm ..

There is nothing like your Goodbye
Kept me wondering , how will i survive
You've always told me not to cry
But you are the reason why ..
You've let me down ..
When you used to tell me ..
We shouldn't fall ..
We better get hight with love !
Where all the love has gone !
Simply , There's nothing like your Goodbye !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2011

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Comments (3)

Hello Swan

Your poignant reflections are the very epitome of love unrequited. I am sure that this Swan will soon fluff up her feathers and captivate a more loyal mate...

A pleasure to see you visiting 'The Corner' again, a fine write.

Best wishes

Bill hug wine

PS OOPS! I forgot that wine is forbidden in Qatar... Make that glass a non-alcoholic orange juice... wink
The depth of your love well depicted Swan.
Each person is unique and someone can fill the
void. It just takes time. Well written

cool angel thumbs up comfort angel
Hi again Swan

When I was last in Qatar (Doha) in 1971 alcohol was forbidden, I have just read that the present Emir liberalised the laws on coming to power during the 1990's, and that limited alcohol consumption is now legal.

So, enjoy your glass of wine... wink wine

Bill hug
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