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Soul To Soul

There's an eastern wind a blowing across the mighty sea.
I'm chilled to the bone, no warmth left in me.
It's been here way to long time for it to leave.
My sun will return one day all I have to do is believe.

I was walking down a strange road I've never been before.
It seemed kind of funny I thought I passed a familiar store.
I stopped and stood and stared moved to the door went in.
And walked into what felt as familiar as a friend.

Getting dressed this morning I put on a pair of shoes.
Funny out of all the pairs it is this one that I choose.
Love the feel of them upon my feet as comfy as a glove.
As we touched soul to soul I knew surely this was love.

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Posted: Jan 2012

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Comments (12)

way to go happy go lucky for you. what an easy way to find our soulmate. it is so refreshing indeed.. thanks for sharingteddybear heart beating heart wings heart wings
Hi, Happygolucky4u,
And walked into what felt as familiar as a friend... Life is full of magical moments waiting to be explored - whether it be with comfy as a glove, ruby slippers, or a heart-shaped balloon. ...all I have to do is believe...
Beautifulapplause teddybear teddybear teddybear
Hi Happy,

I love the pun in this poem and its wider metaphor. wine
laugh soul to soul wonderful phrase, love is a the bottom of it allteddybear
Hi Happygokucky wave
Loved "Soul To Soul" with its well told tale..Best foot forward I'd say..thumbs up
Thanks for sharing wine gift
Hi Happy

Despite you being chilled to the bone, there is a comforting warmth in this tale. There is so much comfort in a favourite pair of especially well fitting shoes.

Great rhyming too, enjoyed the read...

Bill hug wine
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you windyweatherly for reading and commenting on my poem.


Thanks gnj4u....I always like the feeling of familiar as a friend..thank you for reading and commenting. wave
My be in a past life we sence that we have been to these places before or done the same things in ar past lives nice write enjoyed this poem very muchteddybear
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you Wayne for resurrecting this old poem. It is one of my favorites to see it was a very nice surprise. I really wish to once more find my comfortable pair of shoes. It seems the world no longer cherish the leathers and have turned to plastic. Once more thank you kind sir bouquet
Happygolucky4uonline today!
And to the rest of you lovely lot thank you for the time you took to read this and comment.teddybear
HGL nice to see you back and with Soul to soul Poem that made it a pleasure to read.Best wishes to you.hug rose rose rose
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