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Do you have a heart disease? :'O

Do you have a heart disease?
Let me check it please…
I’ll lean my head against your heart
Listening to your heart beat
If it beats fast – >> you love me so
If it beats slow –>> you love me soOOoo-- ^_^
Now let me check if you have a heart disease,
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Posted: Apr 2012
About this poem:
As I am shallow, I will check for guys only. For girls, you go check with the doctor!!! LOL
Keep in a good health everybody. :” )

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Comments (5)

I'd have to have a heart wouldn't I?? Do you have any spares lying around to offer me that are healthy, strong and attractive to you? love How about two of them! One for each eye!!
My pulse is between 60 to 80..can be inflamatory to Everyone.Its not FeaverLasVegas or Justin Biever..but can cure like a spoon of tea..naturally.Thanks DocSunAndSea.
Hi Sas,

Now why aren't all doctors like that? cheers
Remind me of the song Doctor Doctor by the Thompson Twins, a song from my favorite decade of music, the 80's! I like the twist of heart diease being a good thing, I got it!heart beating teddybear heart wings kiss
laugh you are so naughty sometimes but we still love you
thumbs up purple heart purple heart
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