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My (own) knight in shining armour!

If one day my heart has been broken
You don’t need to fix it for me
If my dreams have all been shattered
Please just leave every piece with me

If my friends and a wayward lover
Have abandoned me in tears
You will see I am a survivor
Though I might drown in brandy and beers :)

If life has knocked me in the teeth
I will go to see the dentist (lol)
Don’t heal me with your soothing balm
I’ll win all problems over time :)

And if ill fortune follows me
I’ll just keep running away (lol)
Or if whenever I feel down
I‘ll stand up by my own from now :)

What e'er it is that troubles me
I will set them all go free
I promise I will always be
My (own) knight in shining armour!!!
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Posted: Apr 2012
About this poem:
:") I loved 'Your knight in shining armour' by Mr. Fellsman so I wrote this one. ^__^ And I always think we should be our (own) knight, we should be strong. ^__^ Cheers!

Ref: "Your knight in shining armour" by Fellsman

If your aching heart's been broken
I can fix it all for free
If your dreams have all been shattered
Just leave everything to me.

If your friend or wayward lover
Has abandoned you, my dear
I will help you to recover
That I promise without fear.

If life's left you bruised and battered
I will be your soothing balm
Taking care of all your problems
And I'll see you take no harm.

Should ill fortune come your way
That dragon I shall slay
Or if you're simply feeling low
I'll chase your blues away

What e'er it is that troubles you
I'll send you soothing Karma
You may be sure I'll always be
Your knight in shining armour.

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Comments (10)

niah9online today!
as many know, I cannot resist the toolbar poems, and this from SAS...must have flown through too quickly to get comments, so I decided it was time to give it a 2nd chance....Kathycool
Glad Niah brought this round Thesunandthesea.. a fab write and enjoyed..many thanks for sharing with us.. wine yay
I like it too...written in jest but really it is
every survivor's attitude in real it
thank you for sharing::banana: dancing teddybear
This poem weaved with tearful words of strength is truly a great work of art. I miss you my friend. blues

moping moping moping


Hi SaS

I don't know which I like best, the photograph or the poem - both of which (in my opinion) deserve top marks!

Best wishes

Bill teddybear wine
You are indeed a force to be reckoned with my lovely friend, knight or lady.
It's a lovely poem and the photo shop pic is just brilliantly done. hug purple heart purple heart
Oh my fellow poet how I miss you. We need some more of your poetry. blues
sometimes when we are low ,
we find the inner strength from somewhere to lift ourselves up and try again thumbs up
We all need help from others occasionally ,, but sometimes inner courage and bravery is a must !
and as you rightly say ,we must be our "own knight in shining armour "
This is a lovely hug
wow this is so good, love that you see yourself as stong enough, thumbs up ,
and we are strong enough but its not often we notice itbouquet bouquet hug
niah9online today!
Like Happygolucky....I remember your funny-cute yet deep thoughtful are missed.....Kathyteddybear
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