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Love me, take me
Hate me, leave me
Want me, tell me
Need me, please me
Miss me, write me
Care for me, call me
Cherish me, kiss me
Adore me, take care of me
Mad me, let me know
Upset with me, you’ll need to show
Tired of me, take it slow
Bored of me, just go
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Posted: Mar 2012
About this poem:
== FYI ==

Hi everyone, : ) I want to save my poems on this site, and I don’t come here often. So if I post a lot of poem at time, please don’t think that I am a scam or I want to flood or mess the poetry board ok? hahaa. smile Sorry for the inconvenience. : )

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Comments (4)

JIB!!! So good to see you again! :-) Cute as ever and still quite clever!! hug
Hi happy girl hope all goes good for you yes you are floodingwow but I forgive you.xxxxxxx
Hi Jib,

I know you have been absent for some time but your poems haven't lost their charm. cheers
bouquet Thank you Swade ---- Soooooo good to see your cute smile again too! :”D Keep smiling hunny! : ) laugh

purple heart Hi happy Redex! hahaa I know I am flooding but see you can swim! nice! :”) Thank you.. : ) I’m so happy I am forgiven as always hehee!love

lips Hi Robbie sweeties howdy? : ) Haven’t seen you for a while but you haven’t lost your charm either. : ) Hope you’re doing well. : ) Thank you very much. teddybear
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