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OH mither whit am a gonna dae.....This lovin gemme is gie hard tae play.....Fur noo weer gettin own in years.....Why! wae this lovin gemme dae wee persavere.....Noo weer goin deef an een a bit dim....Some wae hair some wae nane an some gie thin...Oor banes as weel feelin the strain....An disco dancin is no oor game....So!i ask whit ur wee supposed tae dae....Sit in the hoose an fade away....Weel ithers micht see thir life that wi......But no sur no me as long as thir is grass i:ll mak hie jw
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
???????getting old???????

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loved this ! very witty indeed --made me smile :-)
thanks for posting thumbs up
ha Brilliant never sit and just look go and see the shades of green, they change never mind how old the years make uspeace cheering applause
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