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broken heart

There are no pills to cure my ailing heart....No technolgy to mend the broken parts...No one can see me bleeding inside...So my tears i try to hide...There is no rest from the torment i feel....No loving embrace to help to heal....Ilost my reason and will to survive....Now its a nightmare being alive....jw
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Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
my wife going with another woman

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So sory for your pain. Thoes of us that have loved and lost can feel your pain and im sure i speak for the lot of us when i say our love goes out to you. You are strong and you will go on. I think you will find some thing wonderful in a little time. In the mean time, hold your head up and look around, you will find some thing beautyful.
So sorry for your pain. hug
smallworldsonline today!
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Hi, tiswas1945,
No matter how love is lost, pain is found. There are no pills to cure my ailing heart.... with eyes to the future, only time can do that. Thanks for sharing.
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