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Autumn Song

October 18, 1998

Before the first blush of color alters the landscape, the wind has already delivered Autumn’s first chilling kiss, signaling summer’s end. From that moment, change comes swiftly. Sister Winter looks on from the shadows, confident in her knowing, patient in her task. The transition occurs almost overnight, leaving the trees and valleys painted in rusty gold crimson splendor.

Autumn sparks a dance of joy; her voice lingering on the crisp morning air. Hers is a song of gentle thanks and gracious farewell to sister summer, who now readies for a three season nap. Summer has blessed man with yet another generous harvest and seed to sow after winter’s thaw. Try as we might, we cannot alter or resist time’s unflinching momentum.

Autumn’s gift is a stunning visual spectacle as she serenades the fields, steep canyons, vast forests and remaining wilderness with her soulful lullaby. She offers a brief space of reflection, which connects the land to our beating hearts, reminding us that as one thing ends another begins. Autumn song is the spirit voice of falling leaves, peaceful surrender, and the perfect harmony shared between all four sister seasons.
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Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Wow, this was written 14 years ago. There is much reflection with autumn's coming. What have I accomplished this whole past year? As I take stock, I feel the sting of yet another good~bye in my life. Each season turns yet another page of that life. Live well. Laugh often!~

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Wha a very beautiful description of the relationships of the sblings of season Celtic. It is very enlightening and very nostalgic building feeling. I used to enjoy all the ezquisite passing of time specially Fall as where I come from, it is very defined and you can witness Nature's exuberance through the landscape of vivid colors sometime in one place.

There is a park in our Northern part of the bay and you see all the trees in greenish yellow, then yellow, then orange and then puple and brown all at the same location. It is the exposure of the trees on the horizon that creates such a kaleidoscope aand it just leaves me AT AWE AND AT PEACE WITH MYSELF.


Celtic! reunion

Hello there my lovely lady!
A lovely piece of writing about Autumn. I take every season as it comes myself as they all have certain beauties to offer. We picked shaggy mane mushrooms the other day on the way back from a creek where Robert caught 4 nice size smallmouth bass. We ate fresh and free that evening laugh Lovely to see you here, I have read your other entries though not commented as time is scarce these days.

Hope you are feeling better and you be good at being bad grin

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Each season is blessed with its purpose in the cycle of life, and your Autumn Song sings it well with her glorious splendour thanks for sharing..Your poem is over 14yrs old! proves its timeless :)
Blessings as always Celtic.. bouquet dancing
FILOMENA, thank you SO much for all your lvoely comments and sharing some of your favorite autumn memories with me. I love the changing of the seasons. I'm just not ready for summer to end yet. I am enjoying every day. Hugs and grand autumn blessings to you and all the good poets who post to this poem. Have a splendid day and do something fun!~ Celtic!~

Hello there lovely Lady Bee!~ I have missed you my dear. Please feel free, time permitting to email me as we have in the past. I loved your message and you MUST write a poem about shaggy maned mushrooms or I will!~ I love the very sound of their name. So delightful to hear from my poet ladies again. So many trials this year, but I am a warrior of sorts and most certainly a survivor as future poems will tell. I loved your images of your wonderful fresh and free meal. So romantic. I'll have what she's having. 'Tis all yet to be seen and proven for me. I know not how things will work out with this gent and I can only hope for the best. Ready does not mean willing to settle. NO MAM!~ LOL. Good to hear from you. Hugs and blessings to you both!~ Celtic
Ah, Lady Morgana. Each season is blessed with its purpose in the cycle of life, and your Autumn Song sings it well with her glorious splendour thanks for sharing..Your poem is over 14yrs old! proves its timeless :)

So true! Autumn has a blush that reminds of my youth an innocence. She is a reminder of so many things. Yes, a purpose to every season. So good to hear from you and know you're still out there in poetry land. LOL. I wish you the soulful sweet lullaby that is autumn alone. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, doing things you love. Blessings, Celtic!~

thumbs up
Excellent write my friend,exquisite piece on the season of authumn.applause All the besthug M.M
This is enchanting as ever Celtic. hug purple heart
Thanks Poet. Hugs and smiles. Thanks dear Odette for your kind words. Glad you both liked the piece. I love writing about nature and all the wondrous miracles there are within all things the Creator gifted us. Blessed be and a peaceful night. Celtic!~hug
Yep, digging in the archives and pulling out the poems that fit the season. Blessings to all on Poet's Corner and hope you are well!~wine
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