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'Longing For...'

rolling in disgust,
looking for inspiration, for guidance,
fill the void, as noise engulfs the silence,
looking to music, listening to my teachers,
trying to stay strong,
attempting to summon inner strengths,
As a heart breaks a smile to a frown,
my world upside now down,
it hurts so bad trying to stay strong,
it hurts so bad to act that nothings wrong,
like it doesn't affect me, but a broken future,
a broken family,
scars my mind so damn badly,
when I always swore it would never be that way,
I want my children...
...I long...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Depression. Fear. Guilt. Overcome. To yearn for offspring, desire that love, rekindle my connection. My day will soon come.

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Comments (2)

Aw this is so deep..i hope you will have your children with you.. :(
Thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate that! I have them around now, just didn't at the time of the court proceedings.
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