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Death In New England

Death In New England

Evil was loosed upon innocence,
Reason had not a helping hand,
For randomness without sense,
Delivered death in New England.

Do not try to understand why,
For Satan wants this confusion,
As he spreads forth his evil lie,
Grief is an unwanted intrusion.

Hate for him satisfies a hunger,
And sorrow is the harvest found,
When love is turned asunder,
Through evil spread world round.

Our guard is the Word spoken,
Sent to us on Christmas morn,
That is our shield never broken
And will never leaves us forlorn.
G W (Bill) Marshall / Dec 16, 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2013
About this poem:
The school massacre in Newtown,Con.

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Beautifully penned,this was a tragic incident that no doubt touched the hearts of many on a global scale.Enjoyed your poem thankshandshake wine
Mental illness often allows evil to takeover with senseless,tragic results like this.Thank you again,Number 1.
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