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She sat waiting content in her place
Eyes moving like a pendulum
Knowing soon he would enter her lair
He should of heed her words not warning
Now it would be she he face
Town folks parting to give him way
Smug he was thinking they cower to him
A man of great importance to himself
Crossing the bridge into the boggy marsh
Pudgy hands itching to make beauty lay
Smelling his aroma as he entered her lair
Lips turned up at thoughts of avenging
Tall and statuesque age only defining beauty
Tonight she would be the one sated
Avenging the one for whom she care
In a flash it was over and blood lay spilled
Eyes large no life still looking in fear
Removing her prize from greedy paws
Arm circled protecting little woman child
The beast now lay killed
Town folks going about their day
As if the night had never been
Woman sweeping porch floor clean
Aged with soften beauty
Calls little girl child from play
Night time had turned to day
And monsters are gone away
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2013

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Comments (7)

what a nice write
Night time had turned to day
And monsters are gone away

says it all Happy ty for sharingteddybear gift bouquet hug kiss wine
that was lovely beautiful thumbs up tip hat
The smug monster met his demise! I love a happy ending!! thumbs upapplause wine Encouraging write, Happy!! teddybear heart wings angel
A lovely story Happy,I enjoyed perusing rose in teeth rose in teeth
Happygolucky4uonline today!

Thankyou for reading and commenting I don't like monsters so glad the day scared them awayblues
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you darkhorse. I never see much of you around anymore. Hope you are doing ok flirty
Happygolucky4uonline today!
It is always good to see a happy ending Jyonnah. This poem is written about a woman who decided to make right a wrong. A prominent business man had been messing around with her very young daughter blues She did spend a little time in jail for her crime. She could of spent a lot longer than she did. I think the courts took into consideration the events that led to the end of the monsters life. teddybear
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