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The Infinite…

I notice that my heart is always working,
And I notice all kinds of things reside in my heart,
Sometimes hard things, sometimes easy things,
Sometimes sorrow, sometimes joy,
Sometimes apathy, sometimes great zeal and passion,
Sometimes my heart is at war, sometimes my heart is at peace,
Sometimes I notice love, sometimes I notice hate…

Within me reside all kinds of things,
The love a father has for his children/grandchildren,
The love for a soul-mate,
The love for my fellow human beings,
The love for a sea-gull,
The love for a pet,
The love for a wild, roaring ocean,
The love for beauty in all its infinite forms…

But, also within me, sometimes hard things reside,
Impatience, anger, resentment, fear, judgment, despair, melancholy, lack, pettiness, and wanting…,
Wanting to be somewhere else,
Wanting something to stop,
Wanting something to improve,
Wanting, wanting, wanting…

Also within me I sometimes detect a searching,
A long, deep restless searching for the answer to it all,
A searching for the Infinite,
A longing to be one with it from now on and forevermore,
I touch on it here and there,
But, mostly it is ever so elusive,
Ever so just out of reach, much like the haunting image of a paradise-like mirage you wish you could blend with and never be without again…

For now, though, I keep walking to my destination,
What it is, ‘I wot not’,
But, one day, I may get to the stage where the Divine consciously breathes through me 24/7..., aaahhh, what bliss that would be...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013

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Comments (9)

Hi (((Earlgray)))
you're missed around here... it's good to see you

I can relate to this on multiple levels. It does seem that knowing and acknowledging what we feel inside in relation to the totality of our human experience is what opens us up further and further and further to the Divine... sort of like 'we're all of it, yet not' yet, so much more... In Communion With.

I also relate to your expression about the Divine consciously breathing through you, 24/7..., yet perhaps with slight variation; for me, bliss would be consciously breathing through the Divine, 24/7... probably just the flip side of the same hope.

Namaste, rose
Hi, Earlgreytea,
Within me reside all kinds of Welcome to the human condition. ...the answer to it all...ever so elusive. It's great to have you and your thoughts on The Infinite… visit us in Poet's Corner.
EGT , it is wonderful to read from you again handshake
This is exceptional writing - deep and profound reflections
Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful writing with us -
warm regards - F handshake
Hi Earl

I loved reading the Infinite...

Feelings of the heart in all its Glory...blissful thoughts and a joy to read.
Thank you for sharing

Martina xxxhug angel wave
Bliss indeed bliss indeed!
I enjoyed this piece of yours hope you are wellteddybear
Thanks for your lovely comment Beautifulyou! kiss
a delightful and beautifully crafted pieceangel
Hi Earl

You pull yet another rabbit out of the hat, and remove yet another layer of the many veils which envelop you from time-to-time: This superb write confirms what no one could surely have doubted... like the rest of us, you are a human being subject to doubts and certainties, - again, just like the rest of us, you have strengths and weakneses of character.

On the other hand, you are blessed with the rare gift of in depth self analysis plus the knack of expressing yourself in a particularly engaging way, never failing to give the rest of us much to ponder regarding our own foibles.

Hope you are well, buddy...

Kindest regards

Bill wine
Thanks for your wonderful comments one and all...
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