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She is Woman…

As she walks into the room,
She instantly transforms every insipid cell in your body to a thrillingly unparalleled symphony,
A kaleidoscopically epic explosion of that joie de vivre entwines you,
Aaahhh, not much unlike the Sirens of Odysseus did,
She is woman!

As she moves toward you,
The forgotten life, that life sans hope and meaning,
Suddenly ignites within you and sparklingly possesses you like some Elysian zephyr,
Beckoning you back to the only dance that matters,
That unique dance that only YOU AND SHE can perform TOGETHER,
For, to perform it solo is the epitome of hollowness, blandness and bareness,
Much like a parched man ever stretches for that oasis that is only a deceptive mirage, ever summoning you to the soul-slashing boredom of solitary confinement,
Instead, you sense within her rivers-of-life, elixirs-of-youth hitherto undreamt of!
Yes! She is woman!

You are drawn inexorably to her inimitable gait,
That gait that is so unfamiliar to the masculine spirit,
So riveting, so flowing, so reminiscent of a mystic river wooing another to join it,
So reminiscent of willow trees dancing effortlessly with a vicious storm,
Aaahhh, she is woman!

Then, then, she says “hello” to you,
Wow! Your mind blows open like a ripe can of sardines,
All logic, all wisdom, take flight like a group of terrified impala would from a hungry lioness,
Instead, angelic and cryptic and totally alien melodies flood your ‘focused’ male brain,
You delightedly succumb to her succulent charms, surrendering body and soul utterly and wholly,
You have been thoroughly subjugated, you never stood a chance from the moment you laid eyes on her, anyway!
She is woman!

Finally, blustering like a kindergartener, you ask her to dance with you,
Amazingly, she acquiesces,
You tremulously take her hand as the most coquettish feminine smile detonates upon her countenance,
Within you, your impoverished, isolated and half-finished heart opens up it’s chambers,
Like a hungry crocodile preparing to devour his mouthwatering prey,
As her smile takes you on a labyrinth-like tour of a cosmos that is so enchanting, so hedonistic, so bohemian, as to leave you panting for oxygen,
YOU, evaporate, you extinguish as you join the souls before you who have been blessed to be blended with the enigmatic and unfathomable and mind-blowingly-pleasurable feminine spirit!
Yes! She is WOMAN!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2016
About this poem:
nuff, said, sigh...

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Comments (15)


There can be no doubt as to your admiration for women and this poem of
yours is a classic tribute. You've gone
into subtle detail with great artistic
style. Great work.

This is the first poem of yours that I have read ~ but I assure you it won't be the last.

Absolutely beautifully written...WOW...amazingly descriptive.

You certainly have mastered 'The Englist Language'

Mady blushing teddybear
Dear Cafewo, thank you so much for your encouraging words, missed everyone on this corner,
love and light my friend!
Hello dear Doglover,
Thank you for such high praise, been away from the corner, taking a work-break, lol... Encouragement from a fellow-community member is always uplifting and life-changing even! I've written a couple of ground-breaking books on the subject of community, with reverberating results, that's my metaphorical 'song', writing and speaking...
Love and light,
Hi Earl

Breathtakingly Brilliant!
Loved reading

Martina xxxhug bouquet
Thank you Martina! Great compliment coming from someone of your ilk!
Love and light,
trurorobonline today!
Your adoration of the opposite sex is inspirational, fine write and eloquently done Earl
Thank you much Rob!
Love and light,
Happygolucky4uonline today!
So glad to see you honoring the halls with your presence once more. flirty And a dance with you sounds so breath takingly wonderful. No planned steps just the dance from the heart beat. Nicely written my friendteddybear
Nice to see your enchanting smile[where have you been hiding it? lol...] dear Happy, and yeah, we'll dance one day, why not?
Love and light my friend,
It takes a lifetime to understand a woman and maybe longer to write about them
I still got a long road ahead
but yours was spectacular in every sense !

voila and kudos ,
This is romantically inclined
comical define
heavenly divine

it's incredible my friend
Thank you so much Morgen,
Love and light my friend,

What you write about is that heightened glow that comes occasionally when you find genuine attraction to the opposite sex. It is one of the wonders of nature and you have certainly used some tantalising figures of speech to convey the experience.
Good to see back and writing in all your eloquent glory.

Cheers mate. wine
Thanks so much my dear friend! Love and
nyc poem.
yes she is WOMAN
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