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The Thrilling nascentness in a pile of dung!

adjective: nascent
just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.]

Here we were, six, suave, highly educated men, walking through the untamed and unruly African bush with our armed guide when suddenly, we came upon this pile of dung! What an unparalleled thrill! We gathered round the dung like eager school children, looking to our guide to educate us!

“Firstly”, said he, “this is ‘scat’ not ‘dung’”, lol… “this is good news” he said, “for it means we can track the scat to it’s owners, a pride of lions!” My heart nearly stopped with anticipation! Although, I have spent countless days stalking the king-of-beasts through the African bush, and encountering lion countless times, each time is unique, even paradisiacal! I’m afraid that if one has not experienced it, one can only guess what it’s like to stalk a lion and smell the acrid scent of it’s urine,
‘Puny-man’, fragile human, face-to-face with man-eating-beast! Only then can you taste the unparalleled buzz, of eat or be eaten! Whenever I found myself trekking through the African bush, although, an accomplished hypnotist myself, I found myself, mesmerized, transported through a dreamlike portal, immediately going from the frenzied ‘beta’/stress-state to ‘alpha’, or even ‘theta’, the laid-back states of ‘paradise’!

So, in normal life, when encountering of pile of cat-pooh, revulsion fills you,
In the wilderness, though, cat-scat is ever nascent with exhilarating possibilities,
Enlightenment, even, lol, why not?

The African bush has taught me then,
To carefully and introspectively look for the nascent possibilities whenever you find yourself knee-deep in some s- -t or other,
Dive deeply into it,
Look for your paradise,
And when you find it,
Hiding knee-deep in dung,
Turn the door-knob and,
Enter your paradise!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2016

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What a great story this is. You are obviously a very smart man ~ to have learned this fact about life.

How many times in reality have we overlooked or ignored or been repelled by a pile of 'scat' ~ when in essense ~ if we had taken the time to perhaps delve deeply into it ~ we might have found an arromatic bouquet of flowers.

Thank you for sharing.


sad flower bouquet teddybear
Thank you for your kind words dear Mady!
godsprincessonline today!
I'm with Mady - too many times we look at surface beauty when there is beauty to be found deep down inside. As a gardener - I have had to handle a good deal of scat over the years to put on my flowers. When you put it on the dirt around a new plant - the plant looks very common. However, in a few days or weeks - a beautiful plant with gorgeous flowers. Right now - I'm waiting for my Star Gazer Lily to bloom - as a plant - it is very plain - but as you can see - blooming -it is gorgeous.

Kathy teddybear

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trurorobonline now!
To me education is inquisitiveness, you display this is abundance and tell that story so well.
Hi Earlprofessor

A thrilling mind blowing read!...Loved it!

Martina xxxteddybear hug heart wings
Thank you so much dear Rob! wine
Hi Kathy, what a gorgeous plant and beautiful name: Star Gazer Lily, enjoy!
Thank you dear Martina! kiss bouquet
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