Eyes tightly shut
Hands cupping ears
Trying to escape the deafening shrill of a thousand hyenas

How long has it been like this?

Long enough for aching arms to finally let go
For the eyes to open
To the deathly sound, of silence....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2014
About this poem:
Sometimes one can feel lonely, even in a crowd....

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sad deep very beautifully penned i feel on this one god blessangel
Sad but true hug cheering angel
Nice… This is surely a pleasure to have read. Thank you for sharing…Jessewine
Your truly alone when even the voices stop talking...Geeat poetry...Write on...handshake
Great even...drinking
Great poem twinself!
Hi all, thanks for reading...

Apologies for being somewhat depressing, I can be the complete opposite. But, life is what it is, sometimes up, sometimes down....and other shades of gray.

Wish everyone love, peace and serenity, when they most need it. sad flower
balloons Writing is a cathartic release.... write if you will, write if you must... never worry about other people's perception... the soul always has a rhythm it follows and a journey it will experience in its lifetime.... joy

Powerful images you are projecting here... ;) Excellent write!
danceline happy place cartwheel gotta go
Thank You SoulGoddess hug I love all your Emoticons, makes me think You're one happy Soul! peace bouquet teddybear
Know how it feels too well! As time goes by this sound gets louder and louder!blues Thank you!
this poem is so deep, and i can identify with it...i know loneliness too-brilliant poem!
godsprincessonline today!
So true - have felt this way many times.

Kathy hug
Happychatty1online today!
Thanks for sharing this poem that so many will relate too many feel lonely at times..even in a crowded room ..a sense of belonging can help..this poetry corner has inclusive community spirit wave bouquet
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