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Missing You

I actually was surprised when the tears came. I made it thru so much and no tears. But not today.

It is just morning and the missing you is already so much. No tears on Christmas, why Valentine's Day. I miss what I have lost.

What I can never have again. The knowing someone so intimately. The good the bad the ugly. Knowing someone from childhood to adult.

The laying in bed at night with you sleeping beside me and the rhythm of your breathing like a beautiful song to me.

Since you left I have overcome so much. I know people waited to see if I would fall apart. But I have always been a power of strength. I faced all the obstacles.

What no one could see was inside me. The cold the numb. The not wanting to feel the missing you.

I will dry my tears and face the day. For I know missing you will always be a part of me. For what is Juliet without her Romeo.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
This is an expression on how I feel Valentines Day without my husband.

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it's a nice poem of personal thoughts and emotions...where would we be without that! Thanks.
trurorobonline today!
sad to miss someone so much, but hope there are some good memories in there.
Happygolucky4u - emotional write...thank you for sharing such a personal thoughthug teddybear
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you yes a lot of good memories.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Wow I have been posting on poets corner a year now. This was my first poem posted here. Has this year been so ever changing. I wanted to revive my first poem. I remember valentines so well last year.

My love for him will always be.
For Romeo is a part of me.
The chains of sadness are now gone.
Just a memory of love I hang on.
I've learned to laugh, I've learned to play.
I am glad to be alive and living today.

Happy Valentines my darling. I live for both of usbouquet
A touching and personal poem from a very brave lady.
Thankyou so much for sharing. I wish you all the best for the future you deserve.
Nice poem and tribute. One never forgets and it does create an
emptiness. Juliet must eventually find a new albeit different
Romeo. Wonderful read..with passion and emotion.comfort angel comfort comfort
hug hug hug hug
my mum told me that for a couple of years after he died she felt a pain in the middle of her chest, a physical pain. only when one of her sisters died and she got to thinking about my dad and crying for something like two or three days did the pain eventually go. loss is physical, not just in your head and those who love you can probably still see it in your eyes Happy. yours was such a tragic loss of a life unfinished, the plans you never got to carry out together and the unfulfilled dreams. you honour your loss so greatly and with such respect, love you for that. hug hug

it's a lovely write

thumbs up bouquet bouquet bouquet
Hi happygolucky what a fine tribute to your husband I feel for you being the one left behind is so hard bless you teddybear bouquet hug kiss wine
Hi happygolucky. Wow that was beautiful brought tears to my eyes. I feel you are a very strong woman who has been blessed with strength and beautiful words. You know you're not alone. I'm pretty sure he's watching over you. God bless you and continue staying strong.
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