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i already love you

I already love you
Theres nothing more to say or prove
You're voice is so soft
You have glowing eyes that sooth

I hear you're gentle whispers
As they caress my skin
I feel the warmth of you're legs
As they slide along my shins

I blush like a fresh cut rose
As I feel you're lips touch my nose
My heart begins to race
Seeing you dressed in white fringed lace

With our hands clutched together
We make love that lasts forever
You're my diamond in the rough
When I kiss you passionatly it's not enough

You give me so much to look forward to
I enjoy each waking moment with you
You're my wish from that deep dark wishing well
You rescued me from a lonely life of living hell

I'm so happy you cracked me out from under my shell
You're always in my dreams can't you tell
With you're hands wrapped around me
And so many hot thoughts of you

Imagine what we can think of just us two
Lets hold hands tightly sleep the night through
It feels like we're two nervous teens
Not knowing whats going to happen in this dream

I already love you I'll prove it with a kiss
We locked lips nothing ever felt better than this
My heart was throbbing a tear rolled from her cheek
My kiss I gave her made her knees buckle and go weak

Now you know how much I'm really in love with you
I was afraid to tell you this is all so new
You don't have to go and figure out why
Don't even bother you're my first girl thats why!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
another love many thoughts,,,too many dreams.

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