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Ancient Cure. ( 5-7-5 challenge)

My heart yearns for bliss,
So love-sick I reminisc,
Cure me with your kiss.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2014
About this poem:
Thanks Liam for the challenge.

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Comments (29)

Kissing does seem to cure loneliness, if only I could do it more often.doh
Nice one Mick :)
really excellent i tip my hat to you mickangel grin
Know nothing about 5-7-5.
Only know I love this story in three lines.
Mizzy4online today!
Cheers for your nice comment
Mac..........regards Mick.

Summed it all up in three lines Mick good one.I know they cure kids.applause
For all love- sick which heart yearns for bliss could it be more healing in lonliest time than to kiss yourself in mirror wink laugh Lovely cute poem !teddybear
Mizzy this is very nice. Bliss and them both1!lips purple heart
My heart yearns for bliss,
So love-sick I reminisc,
Cure me with your kiss.

A kiss and a hug are what we humans crave from the cradle to the grave.
Lovely Haiku Mick. lips hug
Mizzy4online today!
Good to see you back
Beautiful you.......
Thank you for your comment !
Hope you've been writing
in your absence !

Regards Mick.

Mizzy4online today!
Thanks again Liam,
Great challenge .......

Mizzy4online today!
Thanks Jeanie,
For the nice comment.

Mizzy4online today!
Thank you for your nice
review Paloma.
Regards Mick.

Mizzy4online today!
I really appreciate your
suggestion Thea,
But I would dread to
Kiss myself scold laugh

Best wishes......

wine wine hug
Hi Mick

I keep apologising for my lack of knowledge of the haiku form - but there is no mistaking the message here (I do a fair bit of reminiscing myself) - I hope this plaintive plea is soon answered. wink

Best wishes

Bill cheers
Amazing... in 3 lines Mick... I'm learning...
Mizzy4online today!
Thank you Jade for your
nice comment.....
Me too,

hug lips
Mizzy4online today!
Thank you Christina,
For your kind review.....
You're quite right dear,
I live in hope sigh

hug purple heart lips
Mizzy4online today!
Bill, I'm not exactly an
Authority on haiku's myself,
I chance my arm giggle
Thanks for your kind wishes.

Regards Mick.

wine thumbs up
Nice entry Mick. It's not easy to rhyme every line in such a restricted format.....thumbs up cheers
Nicely done Mick. Loved your entry.
Mizzy4online today!
Cheers Raven,
I think I'm more a pupil
than a teacher ,
Regards Mick.

Hi, Mizzy4,
This Ancient Cure has survived the test of time. Definitely, much can be cured with a kiss — especially when from that special someone. Thank you for sharing.
Mizzy4online today!
Cheers Christian,
For your kind review.

Regards Mick.
What's more ancient that love and kisses?
Awesome Haiku Mick!
Very nice.....but I can't cure you my lips are not long enough to reach over the big pond. I am sure someone closer will help blues
Mizzy4online today!
Thanks M, for your
favourable comment.

Mizzy4online today!
I appreciate your lovely
review on this one Joy.
Regards Mick.

Mizzy4online today!
Thank you so much Kathy,

hug grin
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