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Marking Time....

People only see, what they want to see
Hear what they want, even when keys
Truth and common-sense, point the way
Ignorance suits, for a few more days.

Over time the truth, filters through
Emotional outcomes, strengthen clues
Life goes on, gradually understand
Some turn back, bury heads in sand

Time that stands still, can't be fair
Benefit of doubt, to share and care
Hidden reasons, can you believe....
Real friends truthful, don't deceive
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2015

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Comments (4)

godsprincessonline today!
So true, but it is difficult being the one left behind trying to figure out what happen here. laugh

Kathy teddybear
niah9online today!
When I accepted people have to come to understand in their own time, life became easier. I guess it's like children having to make their own mistakes.....Thank you for the comment Kathy...appreciated.....teddybear
great PIECE OF WRITING. TRUTH SHOULD BE PART OF EVERYONES NATURE. pEOPLE TEND TO BELIEVE what they wish things were instead of believing what is truth One must never lie to one's self Never deceive or falsify any one you care for or respect
AMEN!cool peace handshake comfort
niah9online today!
ladygwen......yes.....we can never please everyone, but we can be true to ourselves, and that includes doing what's right towards others.....even if we give the benefit of the doubt....whereas bullies are self focused...usually because they know they have little control over their own lives.....thank you for your comment......appreciated....Kathygrin
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