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Thoughts get lost, in a sky of navy blue
One searches with care, seeking a clue
As stars twinkle, so bright and so high
In depth and beauty, of a night time sky

Escaping thoughts fly, as small shiny lights
Reflecting on still waters, as flashes of white
Waves crash and creep, upon a silent shore
Vacuum felt in a moonless night, chilly and raw

Dark clouds travel with great haste, eager to go
Out of sight and reach, as if escaping hidden foe
Allowing the moon's glow and presence, to be seen
Night can then finally be mystic, silent and serene ......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 24
About this poem:
Hokianga Harbour....

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Comments (4)

southmiami4321online today!
Moonlight inspires so many. A full moon by the ocean is an increidible sight to let your thoughts wonder. Nicely penned niah. SM
salamunaonline today!
Nice poem,Kathy. "Escaping thoughts fly, as small shiny lights
Reflecting on still waters, as flashes of white" . Loved it. Lily bouquet
southmiami..thank you. During lockdown I have been sorting boxes that were packed in the Hokianga, where I lived for almost 16 year, 2 years actually in a house really on the beach, so there are many relating to that harbour, and this was one of many I came across today and decided to post. ..though many are on scraps of paper which I will have to load on my poetry website.
Yes...I recall lying in bed a looking out the window at the dark stretch of water with the reflection of the moon like a huge shiny mirror....
Kathy NZ....wave
Thank you Lily.....I think there are time we feel instep with ourselves, other time out of step...maybe it's a time of growth....whatever, when I was living on the side of the Hokianga, especially in the beach house, my poetry reflected the area.....glad you enjoyed....Kathy NZ dancing dancing
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