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Stillness of the morning, silence controls
Dawn has broken, giving earth its soul
Colour explodes, as sun-rays dance
Dew on grass and flowers, enhance

Overall appearance, as a waking day
Fresh-shiny, waits creatures who play
Dawn chorus, as birds joining in
Lifting anticipation, all together sing

Sun like a clock, as a world wakes
Across mountains-oceans-lakes
Stirs imagination, as well as sound
Emotions also thoughts, united abound

Like seasons of world, bursting forth
Hope stirs with passion, driving force
Every morning with hope, is a new day
Crystals dazzle, as bright sunny rays.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 25

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Comments (4)

southmiami4321online today!
Niah9 Your poem gave me a fresh morning walk without even going outside. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. SMcheering
southmiami.....I'm glad I took you on a early morning walk within my poem......and as we rush towards summer, the erratic weather of spring comes and goes, and still after spending most of my adult life in NZ, Christmas in hot weather, is still rather odd.....LOL
Thank you for ready my poem southmiami and leaving a comment...appreciated. Kathy NZ wave wave
sunset76online today!
Really nice and descriptive, you're lucky to live in New Zealand! cheers
Yes sunset....we are lucky here in NZ to live in close to normal times, unlike so many placed around the world at present. Hopefully all that will change soon for us all, but thank you for reading my poem and leaving a comment, appreciated, Kathy NZwave
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