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In the mirror world of sleep
Lies the realm of our dreams
The ethereal world
That never sleeps

And there
Everyone talks
A million different people
And all your friend
A n endless conversation
And understanding

Always someone there
And never ignorance
Old faces
New faces
No need to fear
Or hurt
Everyone open
And mean what they say
Not just after your money
And an easy lay

No need to hide
Or build a wall
behind the veil
In the world of sleep
More alluring than
It's physical reflection
Then the dreams want you
More than the world
So begins the endless dream
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2016
About this poem:
A companion piece to 'the great silence of Earth'... it speaks of the 'mirror' world that the ethereal world of our dreams represents, where people talk for real, never abandon you, never are ignorant to you, and is our own personal paradise... and how, as one becomes older, the dreams become more alluring than the physical world, until, eventually, we choose not to return from the dreamscape world...

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Comments (2)

infinite dream of a look
hopeless dream of a lingering look
wide smiles and the lying eyes
lie which hurts always
I had liked yours verses. Thank you that has sharedhandshake
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