by Macduff5Newcastle, New South Wales AustraliaSep 201614 comments

What Women Want

A group of girlfriends on vacation,
Find a five story hotel with a sign that reads,
"For Women Only Destination,"
And decide this will serve their current needs.

A good looking bouncer at the door,
Explains to them how the hotel works,
They can choose to stay on any floor,
If they are happy with that floor's perks.

So they go to the first floor but in vain,
For a sign there written in large text,
Says,"All the men here are short and plain,"
They laugh and move up to the next.

The second floor's sign still presents a problem,
And just doesn't satisfy their desire,
The men here are only short and handsome,
So they decide to move to a floor higher.

The third floor's sign reads that the men are tall and plain,
They still want better and with two floors left,
They decide there could be much more to attain,
Surely the next floor won't leave them bereft.

On the fourth floor the sign is more exciting,
All men here are tall and handsome for sure,
They start to go in, it is so inviting,
But wonder what they'll miss on the fifth floor.

They move to the fifth floor and read the sign,
"There are no men here," it states with caution,
For the floor was built only to define,
That there is no way to please a woman!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2016
About this poem:
This was written some time back. I don't think things have changed that much.

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Comments (14)

Great poem Mac. Loved it. Yet there's
two sides to that coin. Multitudes
of women still languish on that 'fifth
floor,' because they too, have been
passed by when they discover the men
didn't want them either, and for the
same reasons.

Nice to see ya.
trurorobonline today!
Funny Rob, but think it applies to us men as well.
godsprincessonline today!
It's a two way street. Otherwise I would have never reached the age of 66 yrs. single and still on the shelf. confused dunno

Kathy teddybear
Yes, definitely applies to both sexes.

Now we have electronic catalogs with ever changing photos of people to wonder about. Its endless.

Decisions, decisions...laugh bouquet hug
Hi Café,

Unfortunately the sexes don't always connect. We are such fickle creatures. beer
Hi Rob,

Too true, too true. wine
Hi God's princess,

It's a hard road but I'm sure you've had some experiences on the way.
Hi Calm Hearts,

Catalogues? I think I'll have to come to California. wine
I'll take the tall, handsome one with a good sense of humour and an English accent.heart wings
Hi Crystal,

Spiffin'. It's good to know someone knows what they want. I fit all your criteria by the way. laugh I do a passingly good English accent. bouquet
godsprincessonline today!
I was thinking about this poem this morning! Where is this building? My building is the pits. The first floor are rich, handsome, wonderful and also scammers from Africa or married. The 2nd Floor is men 80-100 years old (I'm 66 - shudder!) The 3rd floor - the men are 20, 30 and 40 yrs. old (looking for a Sugar Mama). The 4th floor are Sweet loving and gentle men - and all gay. The 5th floor are what I call He Men - swagger - rough - tough - swearing and want a submissive "little woman" preferably from Asia. I have now reached the 5th floor and no one is there - I guess I'll stay single - thank you very much! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing If the lower floors are my choice single isn't looking so bad anymore.

Kathy wave sad flower
Somebody needs to build a sixth floor, Kathy. I need a place to bootleg my
'Special Tea,' to all the clowns on
the first five floors.
grin rolling on the floor laughing
Somebody needs to build a sixth floor, Kathy. I need a place to bootleg my
'Special Tea,' to all the clowns on
the first five floors.
grin rolling on the floor laughing
I don't think it applys to both sexes,I think its very true.woman are always looking for the next guy who has more than the one she is with and now a days its more about who has the most money.
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