by Macduff5Newcastle, New South Wales AustraliaOct 20175 comments

Walking Shadow

Walking the tightrope,
Was so easy,
The balances were tuned,
Muscles as tight as a crossbow,
The rope was broad,
And no wind blew.
I could defy gravity,
In the strength of youth,
I was invincible,
Shielded from harm,
By luck and self belief.
But now the body rebels,
I walk in the shadows,
Knowing despite an entrenched will,
Body clocks tick to their own tune.
The ropes are thinner now,
The wind sways in all directions.
Yes, there is bravado,
It keeps us alive.
That safety net,
Is tenuously tied,
Maybe there might not be a happy landing.
The shadows grow longer,
As the bright sun of yesterday, sets.
I’ve been here before,
But sooner or later the fall will come,
Into the darkness,
Into that great abyss,
Into the world of shadows.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2017
About this poem:
To quote the Bard: "Life is a walking shadow." Recent events have inspired me on this one.

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Comments (5)

Too sad to comment on this one. Yes it is a bit black and morbid. But we each reach this stage at some time. I think I've probably contributed more humorous poems on this site than most. Sometimes you just have to dwell on the darker moods too. cheers moping
Yep Mcduff it comes closer for all of us, a good poem. I felt the shadows so went to the gym hoping for a reprieve grin
Couldn't agree more with what you say in this poem, but ... was in the Blue Mountains recently, awesome views!!! Traveling and getting to know other peoples' nature and culture is the best way not to succumb to thoughts about what's inevitable and keep steadily on that rope, even if it is getting narrower and shakier with each breath. Life goes on no matter what and it's beautiful! Thank you, dear poet, for sharing your thoughts with us! bouquet hug

Hi Redex,

I'm always at the gym hoping for a reprieve. So far so good. wine
Hi Marikia,

I lived the YouTube link. Many years ago I took that ski plane trip to Mt Cook. I didn't climb it but I certainly got the impression of its size. As we landed up at the top of that snowfield, it was just one enormous wall of mountain and ice. Nature can always impress and put us in our place. And you've been to the Blue Mountains. I've so many memories of there too. bouquet
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