Lost For Words

Write of love,
I get told.
What to write,
I don't know.
Don't feel sad,
don't feel so bad.
Time will heal you,
still I'm so blue.

Tell me how,
to write about love.
My heart broke,
many years ago.

Time for me,
to get some sleep.
Fall in a heap,
before I weep.

Times spoken,
of being broken.
Sure, sit by me,
but please just don't speak.

I don't need to feel ashamed,
for not loving someone.
Just know I can't be blamed,
damage can't be undone.
So I'm angry and so sad,
I speak of a past that hurts.
I'm a gaping wound gone bad,
love destroyed me so I'm lost for words.

I've shut down,
I feel too numb.
I got so hurt,
I'm lost for words.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
I write many lyrics. I struggle to write about love though. Always seems it should be easy when I read someone else's words, but finding my own never is.

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godsprincessonline today!
Love is not easy to write about - feelings run deep. Just write straight from the heart - you can't go wrong.

Kathy hug
Thank you. purple heart
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