Caring Friend

I often think that I am done,
my heart can take no more.
That I am understood by none,
the compassionate close their door.

I often think I should give up,
no more torment, no more hope.
I should just stay here in my rut,
familiarity will help me cope.

But then, someone comes along,
and shows a heart that beats.
To which, there plays a loving song,
of strength gained through defeats.

Someone who says, "All will be well,
sometimes it takes a while.
You will find your way, out of your hell,
and once again you'll smile."

Takes my hand and holds it so tight,
and says, "I'll never let go.
Not 'til I know, you are alright,
no longer bent like a bow."

And at last!, again that nasty gloom,
lifts up it's ugly veil.
The sun shines, flowers are in bloom,
doom came to no avail.

The birds are chirping, ever so sweet,
optimism has yet to end.
My mind is at rest, turmoil obsolete,
thanks to a caring friend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
When I am inspired to carry on.

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People......some arrive in our life at a crucial time and so we grow in many new directions.......these people are never forgotten...a memory triggers thoughts......of special people.....
Great sincere write Flame......
lovecanberealonline today!
I would say you are a pretty good poet, based on the above, well done thumbs up
I don't think I could ever compose a poem as eloquently as I've read from you but thank you all the same, lovecanbereal. That's nice of you to say. rose
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