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Our daughters wedding day

I sit here as the tears stream down my face
In two weeks our baby girl will take on a husband
You won’t be here
I know you will be watching with pride
why did you have to go and die
Our daughter will dance with our son
Our son will be the one to give her away
Oh how my head does sway

On this special day
You will be in our hearts
You will be on our minds

I will wear your robe on our daughters wedding day
So that I may feel close to you
When I close my eyes tightly
I can see you dancing with our daughter
On her wedding day

You are greatly loved
And greatly missed
My dear sweet husband
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2018

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godsprincessonline today!
Laura - I know that he will be with you in spirit for he is in your heart - just as God's spirit is with you in your heart. He will be present and he with the Father is always looking over you and your children. Even when you can't be with your children - He will be with them along with our Heavenly Father. So enjoy your daughter's wedding knowing that you both have given her and your son a strong foundation to live their lives and you too will have your turn at happiness. If not in this life - but the next - in God's time.

Kathy teddybear
niah9online today!
It'll be a wonderful day and as Kathy USA said....he'll be there in spirit, and I am sure you will feel that.....great write Abby...Kathy NZteddybear
My best wishes to the bride and congratulations to the groom! So very happy for you, dear poetess! God bless! bouquet
you tell em girl!
dancing dancing dancing the chosen one!
Beautiful emotive poem written from the heart
Thank you for sharing it
I am sorry for your loss and hope you all had a wonderful day and that you felt your late husband by your side teddybear
Thank you Kathy at first it was hard watching her walk down the aisle but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve attented .pictures to come on face book soon teddybear
Kathy thank you and you were right he was there in spirt teddybear
Mariki thank you for you congratulations she was a beautiful bride ,I cried like a baby lol teddybear
Only Love can break a heart .... and I can read how you loved him .... lips
ashlanderonline today!
You've a wonderful son as well
Congrats! And hugs.
Travis you make me smile .thank you for your kind words hug
Hapoychatty thank you for your beautiful words bouquet
Adamants thank you so much for your wonderful comment hug
Ashlander your right I’m so blessed to have an awesome son and daughter .thank you for your comment teddybear
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