Something besides looks

Something besides looks
Irresistible style maybe -
The grace of self-awareness
The frames of eyelashes
Around drowning eyes
The delicate
Fragrance of fluffy hair..
Ambiguity of unspoken words
Brings music
To the quiet of the room
Sends shivers through space
Flashes back
Forgotten memories
Of how it first happened before
And pulls you
Into the spiderweb of affection
To get lost and not care
About ever getting out
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2018
About this poem:
It is about falling in love I guess

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Comments (9)

I really liked it Ya, even "To get lost in the spiderweb of affection"" is not always the best way teddybear
trurorobonline today!
Heavy stuff, but true, especially like the last line
Thank you Salamuna, did not mean it to be too serious, it was more about the mystery of attraction
Thank you Rob for liking it, getting lost is a good thing sometimes.
I guess it is all combined my friend, wonderful feeling is being in love....Enjoyed your write.
Enjoyed reading this poem has a great twist and depth to it..and the title alone speaks volumes..thanks for sharing it wave applause
Thank you southmiami4321! Came up with a better line “The grace of self-awareness”
Instead of “The yoga posture of self-awareness”, seems like it suits the poem better.
New to the site, it looks like it is not possible to edit after posting. Appreciate you taking time to comment.
Thank you Happychatty1, was able to edit the poem with Rob’s help, like it better now.
thumbs up cheering
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