Lighter than air

Evening lanterns,
Strung on the fishing line,
Glimpses of light
In my path.
Everything from before
Is not important anymore.
A web of good reasons
To leave ...

There is no salt
In my eyes,
There is no pepper
In my words.
No more pain
In my heart.
I close my eyes
And I fly away.
I absorb the freedom
Of my flight.
I open my eyes
And I see the seas;
Sea of wind,
Sea of color lines
Sea of spring..

Everything  achievable
Is not significant
Only something lighter than air,
Deeper than dreams,
Brighter than  stars
Makes sense to me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2021
About this poem:
the lines came to me during an evening walk in the mist .. the lanterns seemed to be hanging in the air

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Comments (10)

This poem paints a lovely canvas of
Contemplation and freedom Lily,
To read a few times was like a peaceful meditation.
Beautifully written....the last stanza especially.

Regards Mick.

hug purple heart
Many thanks Mick for your amasing usually you understood all correctly. I don’t even know where it came from to me- a completely extraordinary feeling of lightness, weightlessness ... I just enjoy it
Lily hug
godsprincessonline today!
A well written description of a beautiful moment in time.

Kathy teddybear
Hi salamuna,
Beautifully expressed, a precious moment of time captured softly . TY for sharing.

"Everything achievable
Is not significant
Only something lighter than air,
Deeper than dreams,
Brighter than stars
Makes sense to me"
purple heart
Thank you Kathy for your kind comment. Lily. hug
Thank you LaceyQueen21. much appreciated. Lily wave
Inspiration is universal and it brings light to those who choose to see. Lanterns of wisdom guiding your way as you understand things. Offering light is what gives it power. Your are good writer so keep using your gifts!!
trurorobonline today!
Nicely expressed Lilly
Rob x
Prometheus , many thanks for your interesting comment. much appreciated. Lily wave
thank you Robert for reading and leaving comment. Hope you are doing well . Lily hug
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