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I'm Not Your Friend

You Said
Somthing changed
like glass we'll break
We've never been in love anyway
I've treated you as my friend
And now here comes our dead end

You Said
Sun will alawys shine
Even if it's on the other side
You Said
You'll forget me with time
But time is not my guide
I've been waitin' for so many years with you
I've been cryin all the tears to you
Im not that friend you think you know
Im not the friend your depndin' on
Im not your friend anymore
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
Just tryin to let it out

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Comments (5)

Yes its sad, but has to be let out, liked it, from sorrows comes joys thats lifes ploys. Keep smilingteddybear
Thanks Alot for the sweet comment , God bless usad flower sad flower

"Somthing changed
like glass we'll break" Ahh the change that can not be undone the broken glass.
hug Let it out. Happiness is around the corner.bouquet
let it out swan, time is a healer.

I'll try to let it all out ..Aaahh i feel so empty and down sad flower sad flower

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