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A few... semi- short ones. :)

--Most Distant--

you touched me again
a way I didn't like
and again I said nothing.

you lay there afterwards,
contemplating your relief, yet
resenting me for my silence.

but you know that,
were I to beg no,
you would despise me
more so than now.

so I roll away from you..
thinking how I hate you
feeling how hard I miss you,
an arm's reach away,
the most distant man alive.

and that I -
that I love you -
what does that make me?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
Yes, I selected Romance.

Nothing is more romantic than sweet, tender, and exceptionally painful memories of romance. It's luscious, heady, dreamy. It makes me bite my nails, makes me furtive and mistrusting... there is something so terrific about all forms of love, even the end.

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Oh yes, and I title it incorrectly for content.

The others that I had intended to be on this post:


If you only knew
how I can't forget you,
maybe you wouldn't have
forgotten me.


I am so tired
of you being the only
thing I write about.
19chellebelle90: an interesting view on the distance of close relations...haiku was nice too. thanks.
trurorobonline today!
great depth in all of these
Thanks to you both :)
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