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Some little regrets.

I left myself last night
to try to find myself
a long time ago.

When I found her,
I saw her sitting alone
empty room,
lost in another daydream.
I knew her thoughts;
they had once been mine.
She was caught up in her
thinkings of you.

And, oh, I tried to tell her.
Oh, I tried to help her.
Oh, I tried to warn her.

But young love...
young love never hears anything
but the voice
of its lover.

She turned and
looked at me,
looked through me.

I remember thinking
how happy I was,
in love with you.
She left me
to go tap on your door
to slip into your room
to feel you touch her
and sigh.

But, oh, I tried to tell her.
Oh, I tried to help her.
Oh, I tried to warn her.

...But I was young
...and I was so in love.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
Again, uncertain. Sometimes words just start. Sometimes I cry or laugh while I write. This time I cried. A lot.

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Comments (4)

Hi, 19chellebelle90,
This is such a tender poem of love, remembering and loss. The poet certainly has found her voice!
Thank you so very much. :) I love how you describe it!
Insightful poem...i really like it!hug
Aww Jazzy, you liked two now. Awesome! :D thanks!
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